Zagor: first tables, and details of the new series Darkwood Novels


Published on May 02, 2020


The editorial work of Sergio Bonelli does not stop, even in time of quarantine: thanks to the new edition of the Journal of Sergio Bonelli Editore Online, we can finally get an idea of the projects that will mark the next summer with the Heroes Bonelli.

At the end of may, will reach the newsstands the new miniseries of the Spirit with the Hatchet: presented in the same appreciated the format of the series Tex Willer, get here Zagor – Darkwood Novels!

64 black and white pages with stories from the dramatic tones and modern fit, and is connected through an intriguing frame narrative, and illustrated by guest-stars such as Giovanni Freghieri, Franco Saudelli, and Anna Lazzarini, but also from those who have already attended the forest of Darkwood, such as Max Bertolini, Lola Airaghi and a Maximum of Fish.

These are the details of Zagor Darkwood Novels 1: The eyes of fate:

Output: 28/05/2020
Format: 16×21 cm, b/w
Pages: 64
Subject: Moreno burattini
Script: Moreno Burattini
Drawings: Giovanni Freghieri
Cover: Michele Rubini

Who is the mysterious character who, in a home in Philadelphia, tells the journalist Roger Hodgson some episodes of the life of Patrick Wilding, a legendary hero of the frontier, known with the name of Zagor, which for years have been lost?

On the Zagor, which the indians have dubbed the Spirit with the Hatchet, Hodgson intends to write a book: after you have collected numerous testimonies about its extraordinary business, to a journalist interested in her human side.

“I am looking for something that describing it as a man, I would like to dig in the depths of his being, of his heroism. And maybe you are the right person,” says the writer who sits in front of. And is prepared, with a notebook and a pencil in hand, to listen.

Zagor: first tables, and details of the new series Darkwood Novels is




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