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Published on Mar 07, 2018


The Italian singer-songwriter is held in a register of the tribute, which enhances the strength of the dreamers.

Michele Masiero opens the mini-special issue of Zagor dedicated to the Italian with an introduction dedicated to the dreamers. Stresses that Lorenzo Cherubini, in arte Jovanotti, as a frequent reader bonelliano, has among his favourite series, just the ones dedicated to Zagor and Mister No, the two character created by Guido Nolitta, or Sergio Bonelli.

And in fact the publisher of via Buonarroti as well as the career of the roman singer are the realization of a utopian dream, born in a land in which everything that have materialized, seemed to be unachievable. The career of Jovanotti explodes at the end of the Eighties, in an era in which the echoes of hip-hop in north america was still far from the Italian musical culture. Jovanotti and his desire to make rap were the first glow of that genre today is all the rage in our Country.

At the time of Gianluigi Bonelli publishing house in italy that deals exclusively of comic books was a kind of utopia, but Bonelli's father, a great lover of the West, he was ready to dive into this adventure, and to colonize a pristine territory.

So the special Zagor-Jovanotti titled the Call of The Forest represents the closure of a circle: the little boy in the Seventies, you had dreams and the imagination of the Bonelli books, would a decade later opened the doors of Italy to another utopia, the music this time.

The 26 pages that make up the album are a real dream with open eyes, in which Jovanotti, is catapulted from his recording studio in the fantastic forest of Darkwood. The viewer himself becomes the protagonist of the action, to the extent of being kidnapped by the warriors of the iroquois. But they will be right Zagor and Cico to save him, and in tribute to this great meeting between utopias become solid reality.

The narration of Moreno Burattini (on the subject of Michele Masiero) is punctuated by captions taken from pieces of music of Jovanotti (all the brand-new Oh the life). Funny are also the pages in which Jovanotti entertains the warriors of the iroquois playing and singing I Trust You on that. Yummy is the presence (in the last pages) of the legendary Rick Rubin, the american producer, among the founding fathers of hip-hop, to which the Italian is entrusted for the production of his new album.

The drawings of Walter Venturi comply with the style zagor, and well-suited the trait of Jovanotti one of the characters of Darkwood. Also interesting is the fact that in only 26 pages the Venturi to take license from the cage bonelli, including a splash page that belongs to the entire figure the same Jovanotti.

The special register is attached (in homage) to the number 683 of the regular series. In The Band of Merciless instead the dream is the happiness are far from being present. We at Scanlon Creek where a man without scruples, name Allemby takes advantage of the law and the highest authorities of the city to enrich and affect the entire population.

But on his way there will be Zagor and Cico, ready to restore hope to a people oppressed and deprived of trust. The third figure placed in the center of the story is Blondie, the sort of gunman a time stopped by Zagor, who escaped from prison of the Black Rock is on the search of Allemby, to get his revenge.

The subject and the screenplay of Antonio Zamberletti follow the most canonical style nolittiano. The narrative flows quickly, and knows how to intersperse action scenes, pauses that are required to carry on the description and history of the characters, and the classic moment of heroism He finds himself placed in the centre of the scene.

Very evocative are the scenes in which the protagonist is Blondie, a woman is cynical and ruthless in search of his revenge. Zamberletti has given substance to a character reminiscent of the Beatrix Kiddo of Kill Bill. And the next issue of Zagor will have their own Blondie at the center of the register, so we will see the beautiful.

Lyrics Zamberletti are well-accompanied by the drawings of Mauro Laurenti, who follows with attention the patterns of the cage bonelli, giving a good dynamism to the scene of action.

In short, He is this month's offers at the newsstand and a double roll that rides on two areas: one dedicated to the joy of being dreamers, and one which puts at the centre the desolation and injustice, considered gasoline for those who want to ride the anger and frustration, but also supplies hope for those who are seeking to rise above the evil and contrasting it with stubbornness.

Zagor once again, thanks for the adventure and the fantasy, it manages to teach us what is most important: the reality that we face is the reflection of our dreams and what we do to put them in place.


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