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Published on Mar 19, 2018


The incipit is a classic narrative of the zombie: “it's been a year since the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, a catastrophe that has seen a great part of the population of the world die and then come back as the living dead. Governments have collapsed. The last traces of a civilization organized are missing. The few survivors are short of food and no one is safe. In this chaos, a small squad of the National Guard, embarks on a desperate mission in search of a secret vault of Soylent-Z, the substitute food may be the only hope to save the few people still alive.”

Make up the team, Sergeant Charles Garnett, Israel Johnson, Edie, Rhiannon, and Blumberg. The protagonists have intercepted a communication from the military that will bring them to Texas, in search of Soylent-Z in the vicinity of a port. This substance is a compound that allows the water to create doses of food. The path to the port will prove to be full of obstacles, bringing the characters to confront themselves with other groups of men, now become crazy, violent and cruel by the absence of civilization.

The story is perfectly accessible even to those who have not seen the tv series, because it tells the story of a single character that makes the link with the series: the sergeant Garnett. The plot of this kind of prequel is very simple and, shamelessly, trash. We focus on the period immediately after the book of revelation, the so-called “Summer Black“. We see on the news who speak in a serious and detailed of the epidemic and its effects. But what amazes me most is how the characters have reacted to the revelation. Speak to each other naturally, they appoint the “Z” or “Ravenous”, as if they were custom. Let's see, dark clubs with shark teeth popping totally to the case, or, still better, of the animals secure at the limit of the absurd. And the reaction of the characters is almost indifferent.

Take a look at the most famous series zombie of the past few years: The Walking Dead. Kirkman uses these creatures to dissect the human nature, to deepen the relations that in a world of the kind can arise. Here, however, there is no excuse, the zombies are the absolute protagonists. But they don't have much to say. This miniseries could very well be a showcase of ideas for Robert Kirkman on how they can use or kill in an imaginative way and, often, tamarro the zombies.

The designs of Menna reach the sufficiency, showing often a dynamics of bodies in the battle typical of the wrestling, especially in the dips from an elevated area to a lower one. The story, unfortunately, is not worthy of note. It is a volume, however, sliding and leaves, are easy to read more for the laughter arising from certain you find that to be a real interest in the story.

Is certainly recommended to fans of the tv series, but it is highly not recommended to purists of The Walking Dead.


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