Yu Suzuki also gives an update on the future of Shenmue III

Published on Dec 25, 2017

The japanese site Ys Net has today published a new video podcast that allows us to shed light on the state of the development of Shenmue III: in the course of the movie, let's discuss the game director Yu Suzuki and the animation producer Hiroaki Takeuchi.

Both said they were satisfied with the technical level achieved by the game, which is able to exceed their expectations and is slowly reaching the set level, although in the final version there will be elements of “incomparable” with any triple A. Suzuki has stated that for him it was rather difficult to get used to use the Unreal Engine 4, being used to program any thing in code and not via software. It is, however, quite happy of the level reached by the model of Shenhua, which will require only a finishing phase before being finalized.

From the conversation we learn that Shenmue III will have about a hundred characters with whom you can interact, and that Suzuki would like to try “new roads” with regard to the combat system, which will not be based on the timing, but on the “a soul a puzzle with a strong emphasis on choreographic elements”.

Despite the progress, however, the development of “active” the game is still quite backwards: the casting of the characters has already been almost completed, but the recording of the lines of dubbing will begin only at the beginning of the next year.


The article Yu Suzuki gives an update on the future of Shenmue III is extracted from GamesVillage.en.


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