Youtuber build and test a real laser sword!


Published on Jan 04, 2019


The guys Make It Real have become famous thanks to the reproductions of the models are inspired by the weapons and items taken from movies and video games, and among these could not miss a beautiful sword working laser! These bizarre blacksmiths have worked on the project for almost a year, investing thousands of dollars to be able to finally bring to an end. And we are successful!

As you can see in the video at the bottom of this article, the Hacksmith is not at its first attempt: after spending quite a bit of money and time for this ambitious project, the children were able to complete their third prototype, whose blade was made by inserting a core of tungsten, which is a conductor of heat better than the titanium within a titanium case.

Each step of this procedure, by the attempts failed experiments to find a good material for the blade up to some terrifying demonstrations of the effectiveness of this instrument of death, futuristic, is shown inside the video.

This specific prototype laser sword, which, becoming incandescent, it must be connected to a battery, is shown in action on the head of a dummy made of polystyrene, which is first pierced from part to part, and then be cut into two halves. The cut is clean and precise, but the weapon is very very dangerous (during the various attempts to achieve it are also triggered fires) and the guys have no intention of putting it in the market, at least for the moment, but if you want to try it out for yourself you can always try: Make It Real make it available to users and subscribers on all of its projects in the CAD file.

And now, enjoy the video that shows the creation of a real sword working laser!

Source: CBR.

Youtuber build and test a real laser sword! is




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