Young Justice: Outsiders – the new Aquaman


Published on Dec 22, 2018


The magazine Entertainment Weekly has released a new image from Young Justice Outsiders starring Kaldur'ahm, that leaves the role of Aqualad to take the costume of Aquaman.

“In the first season you see how the boy is trained to assume the role of Aquaman,” explains producer Greg Wiesman to the magazine, “this season you will see the normal development of the plots of the previous seasons and the leader Kaldur, it's going to be pretty interesting for him.”

This is the official trailer for Young Justice: the Outsiders, the date of the premiere is scheduled for January 4, 2019. The animated series is exclusive in the DC Universe, but could arrive in Europe thanks to a different distribution, as will happen with the Titans thanks to Netflix.

According to what was declared by the producers, the comic book Outsiders will have a big influence on the season, with the characters being from different planets look at Earth from a different perspective. In the universe of the series is not provided for the existence of the Teen Titans, despite the fact that many members will be featured in the various episodes.

“In Young Justice: the Outsiders, the superhero teens of the DC universe, become adults in a world full of superpowers, super-villains and super-secrets. This time, the team will be in one of the most difficult challenges you have ever faced, having to cope with the terrible traffic of the meta is spreading, as you unleash an arms race of intergalactic able to control them,” reads the press release of Warner Bros. TV. Darkseid will play an important role for the debut of the series, considering the final of the previous season.

The streaming service will also be available the previous seasons, the first and the second.

Young Justice: Outsiders – the new Aquaman is




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