You want to play GameBoy games? From now you can do it

Published on Jan 08, 2017

Lots of news are coming during this CES 2017. After the HDMI 2.1, with a bandwidth up to 48 Gbps and support for up to a 10K resolution, was also announced Super Back Boy.

This “console”, developed by the company Retro-Bit, will allow users to play the old and beloved titles developed by Nintendo. The platform will recognize the games for the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance with no problems.

From the aesthetic point of view there are no differences in comparison of the old Game Boy, except for the specifications. In fact, has a screen TFT LCD with high resolution, a battery of 2500 mAh with a duration of about 10 hours of actual game and a shock-resistant coating. The product will be released in August 2017 in the United States at a cost of $79.99. We have no news about the arrival in Europe.

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