You Que Vales, Marco Baruffaldi moves the judges with his story: ‘being bullied by the master of support

Published on Nov 04, 2018

To You Yes Que Vales in the episode of 3 November was introduced by Marco Baruffaldi, a boy of 22 years, that left everyone without words. You Que Vales, there's Marco Baruffaldi

In the sixth episode of You Yes Que Vales the young Marco Baruffaldi is presented in front of the four judges: Rudy Zerbi Maria De Filippi, Teo Mammucari, Gerry Scotti:

Marco Baruffaldi, I am 22 years old and as you can see I have down syndrome, but I'm proud of the way they are. It was long time that I wanted to see you.

The mark is presented in the program to sing a song written by him, with the help of the father, but “only in the metric“, from the title “We are different from us” about disabilities and bullying:

With this song I want to tell everyone that I am there and that servant, too.

Marco, at the end of the song, he wanted to get closer to the judges, visibly moved, and sit next to Maria De Filippi, which has made him compliments, and he said that he has used very strong words and full of meaning. The guy then asked if he could listen to a poem, which he had trained so much to read, for his mother, who now is no more. At the end of the poignant letter to her that Marco considers to be his guardian angel, entered the studio, dad. The man has left everyone without words because he has spoken of the difficult childhood of Mark:

Has not gone through a hard time and I thank you for giving us this opportunity. We go into the schools to talk about what was done to Marco. He was being bullied heavily, they pee on him and was being bullied by his teacher in support.

At that point, among the judges there is a certain anger and questions if the man had denounced the guilty, the reply was this:

I am a firefighter for 30 years, I can not do harm to people. I did nothing and I have complained for the difficult period he was going through Marco. The man was out of the way, I hope that you have what you deserve.

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