You know while playing Diablo III, they are now husband and wife [VIDEO]


Published on Jan 03, 2017


Alvin Lau and Alexis Loo, pose in cosplay in the shots pre-wedding, made possible after having met while playing Diablo III

Call Alvin Lau and Alexis Loo the bride and groom Singapore, after they met online playing Diablo III, they have turned their friendship into a real relationship convolando in marriage last year.

We talk about it today, thanks to video posted online by The Art of Mezame, a “behind the scenes” of the photo shoot done for the lucky couple before the wedding, which he wanted to celebrate the event in cosplay, disguising from Demon Hunter and Crusader of the famous game of Blizzard.

Here is the excellent result was achieved also thanks to the collaboration of the Neo Tokyo Project in the construction of weapons and costumes:

What do you think? You have known you your soulmate through a game? Please let us know via a comment below!

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