“You have died and the children..”: insults for Bonucci, the reaction of the footballer becomes viral

Published on Sep 13, 2018

Leonardo Bonucci was unable to go above the insults and threats that have involved his two sons. Here's what she wrote to the haters

Leonardo Bonucci is a famous player for juve. The insults on Instagram aimed at children this time I have mad a lot. Here's what they wrote.

It is absurd to think that there are people like that, and yet there is people who like to send messages of pure hatred to the children of celebrities. The footballer, this time, however, has not left to die in the indifference of those who insulted him, his family coming to want to see the dead. Here is what wrote the user codardamente remained in anonymity:

“You have all died, and two of their children.”

A bad omen arrives for the second time to the player. Only a few months ago for him is finished at calvary due to the illness of his child.

The footballer pepe replied with words full of despair and outrage at a stories on Instagram:

“Maybe one day we will live in a better world, for now, the one from which I hope to keep away my children is this world here. That of this people. The violence of gestures, words, and thoughts. Now deleted, change account, call someone to give you himself, the sin that no one can lift you from the crap for being who you are.”

It is not the first time that the villains of the network attack him. Already in the past an anonymous user inveighed against him, wishing that the child could get back the cancer:

“Your son must return the cancer”

It was only July of last year, on the occasion of his move from Juventus to ac Milan, there were so many of the comments against him. But what then come the children? This even he knows spiegarselo. The little Matthew in July 2016 has been subjected to a delicate surgery, it certainly deserves as much hate as it doesn't deserve any child. A replication, that of Bonucci, who has found some of his songs on the web.

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