Yoshiyuki Tomino, creator of Gundam, and Daitarn 3, will be the guest of honour at the next edition of Romics!

Published on Mar 05, 2017

The author and creator of the genre, the real robot will receive the Romics d'oro at the international festival dedicated to comics, games and animation

Here we are, we are friends, and now comes the Tomino...forgive the debut of the music, the better for you not to hear me sing, but the acronym of Gundam is game auto in my head.

Of course everything has a logical (or so they say haha) explanation: the presence of Yoshiyuki Tomino, the Romics 2017, the festival of comics and animation in the program from 6 to 9 April at the New Fair of Rome.

The director and author japanese, father of Gundam, but also of Daitarn 3, Zambot 3, and countless other productions successful, will be awarded the Romics d'oro, a prize awarded to the Masters of international comics and animation in the final day of the festival.

Yoshiyuki Tomino is one of the great fathers of japanese animation, is the protagonist in a historical period that has seen the explosion of creativity and artistic ferment in the field the manga and anime of absolute impact, first in Japan and then around the world.

The famous author, has contributed to an incredible series of successes of the entertainment: Astro Boy, Princess Sapphire, Tommy la stella dei Giants, Mimi and the national volleyball, Rocky Joe, Toriton, the Classic android boy, Star Blazers, Heidi, Hurricane Polimar, The Black Tulip, Raideen, Vultus 5, Zambot 3, Daitarn 3, just to name a few.

Sabrina Perucca, Artistic Director of the Comics, has announced the news:

Romics as each edition brings to his numerassimo the public the great Masters of international comics, animation, film, looking at visual art throughout the world, from the Us to Japan to Europe: by the great author of comics, the innovative director of the animation, the great visual artist for games and animation, extraordinary authors will alternate on Stage at the Pala Romics. The April issue, renews the appointment with the great fathers of the animation, robotics, after the extraordinary presence of Go Nagai in 2016, the protagonist of a magnificent edition of celebration, with exhibitions and meetings, which attracted more than 200,000 fans from all over Italy and Europe, will now be Featured to bring in the fantastic world of Gundam and real robot. Next to him, Naohiro Ogata, producer of the series Mobie Suite Gundam Thunderbolt.

I'm continuing to sing, and, if you want to join me, here's the legendary theme song of Gundam:

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