Yoshiaki Sukeno (Twin Star Exorcists) is launching a new manga


Published on Dec 03, 2019


Through their Twitter official account Yoshiaki Sukeno has announced that the 5 December 2019, will launch his new manga series, entitled Senpai ga Boku o Tori ni Kiteru, on the Magazine app Pocket (Maga Poke) of the publishing house Kodansha.

The romantic comedy tells the story of a girl with huge breasts and a guy “similar to a small animal.”
Ken Yamada is a member of the student council, which he began to have the feeling that his life is in danger; Rei Jinjuji uses her large breasts for their own purposes: when Rei pushes his chest against Ken, the guy feels as if she was trying to kill him...




— 助野嘉昭 (@sukeno0723) December 2, 2019

The master Sukeno is still involved in the serialization of Twin Star Exorcists, in the course on the pages of the monthly magazine Jump SQ. of Shueisha from November 2013; volume 20 will be released in Japan on December 4, 2019.


— 助野嘉昭 (@sukeno0723) November 29, 2019

In Italy, Twin Star Exorcists is on course for Planet Manga, J-POP has published the former work of the author, Binbougami ga!, released on Jump SQ. from 2008 to 2013.

Both works have given origin to a transposition of the animated television: the souls of Twin Star Exorcists is available on Crunchyroll in Italy.

Yoshiaki Sukeno (Twin Star Exorcists) is launching a new manga is




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