YI Discovery, here is the new action camera 4K low cost


Published on Jun 15, 2018


Most recently, we are trying different action room of YI, and after seeing the model YI Lite let's try the YI Discovery. This interesting action cam features for the cost, rather the content and quality is in line with what was promised. Scopriamola.

At design level, this action camera is fairly compact and clean. The shapes are always the standard ones, and this is good because we will be able to use it with all the accessories from other action camera YI without having to re-buy waterproof housings and so on. The black color makes it discreet and perfect to use in travel. There is clearly a slot for the battery and the microSD card, besides the one for the cable micro-USB for charging and to the threaded hole for tripods and various mounts.

Speaking of specifications, we find an 8 megapixel sensor capable of recording video in HD resolution up to 90 fps, Full HD up to 60fps and 4K at up to 20 fps. The sensor is a SONY IMX179.

The images are generally good, with a good quality and a good management of the light in many conditions. It is clearly less suitable in the evening but during the day you can capture so many different moments, starting from sports activity to get even a VLOG or for any other use.

The connection with the smartphone can also be done via WiFi to 5GHz, in addition to the classic WiFi to 2.4 GHz, to be more fluid and suffer less interference. You have to make sure that your smartphone supports that band. The application is well made, although the early versions had some bugs to resolve. We can manage the entire camera, files, managing software updates, and you always have access to all the controls and thumbnails from the app. The software of the room is also clean and simple and allows us to quickly access all the settings.

The microphone records pretty good audio, of course, when we do not use the case waterproof. The houses, however, is not supplied in the package. The battery reaches approximately 30 to 40 minutes of run time on the average; that of course, varies according to the uses and settings.

We found ourselves very well with this YI Discovery, and we appreciated the quality-price ratio. As for the coast, offers everything you need for a user who wants to start. Better this, or the YI Lite? Depends on needs, probably a bit less powerful of the other, but is more suited to adventurers.

Also, just for today, the action camera is available with an additional discount of 20% with the code DISCOVERYI

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