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Published on Jul 20, 2018


YI continued, the offers Amazon for many of their products. Let's find out what is on offer today and at what price, for a bit of shopping pre-weekend.

Let's start with offers related to IP Camera and then to video surveillance in your home or office. There are a total of four, among which stands out in a pack of 4 cameras in discount.

The first offer is on the YI IP Camera of the first generation, available from 39,99€ 19,49€ with the code PRIMED51

Buy the YI IP Camera of the first generation

The second offer is relative to the YI IP Camera 1080p, available from 49,99€ 31,99€ with code PRIMEDAY1

Buy the YI IP Camera 1080p

The third offer is the YI IP Camera 1080p second generation, available from 59,99€ to 39,99€ with the discount code PRIMEDAY2

Buy the YI IP Camera 1080p second generation

The fourth offer relates to 4-pack-YI-IP Camera 1080p, available from 189,99€ 114,99€ with the code PRIMEDAY4

Buy the YI IP Camera, 4-pack

We then go to the offer on an action camera that's very interesting that we have also reviewed for you. On A technical level, the room features a Sony sensor IMX206 16 megapixel, capable of recording 1080p video at 60fps. The processor is a Hi3556 and guarantees a good overall quality. There is also the 4K resolution but only at 20fps, while the resolution 1440p arrives at 30fps. The lens is wide-angle to 150°, while the aperture is f/2.8.

We find from 89,99€ 59,99€ with the code PRIMELITE

Buy the YI Lite

Action Camera-YI-4k white with kit-selfie included (stick-selfie & remote control Bluetooth) only for €128.98(-35%) by entering the purchase code PRIMEW4K

Buy the action cam 4K

Also, selecting the message the Promotion is available from the page Amazon of this product by clicking the button “Add both to cart” you can get, completely free of charge, a handy leather case by transport (black).

Finally, there is an offer on the YI, Dash Camera Mini, also this reviewed for you.

This camera then serves practically as a “guarantee” that allows us to record any accidents or events of a particular importance in an automatic way. Clearly, with regard to the legal, to the use of the dash cam is only permitted if they comply with directions in respect of the Guarantor of privacy.

We come now to the operation of the product. We found ourselves very happy with this dash cam, it behaves impeccably, and that provides us with many more possibilities than many other dash cam. We rely, primarily, on the Full HD video recording 30fps (H. 264) while driving auto power on when starting car. The lens is made of glass while the sensor can count on an opening focal f/2.2 wide-angle to 140° and can cover up to 3 lanes.

We find it in the discount from 39,99€ to 29,99€ with the discount code PRIMEDASH
Buy the YI Dash Cam Mini

To find more products, other discounts, and other promotions you can visit the page dedicated to the First Day of this on Amazon.

The offers shown on this page may expire or change without notice. The real price is the one displayed on Amazon at the time of checkout.

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