Yet another quarterly record for Apple: analysts, errors, or bad faith? – iPhoneItalia Podcast #195


Published on May 06, 2018


Week steeped in novelty, but, above all, full of considerations at the margin of the last quarterly record for Apple. In this podcast we will try to analyze the situation, to understand what kind of errors have made the analysts and whether they were made in bad faith, contrary to a commonly held, as usual, some myth. Meanwhile, the title Apple and flies into the bag and the competition, with LG G7, sharpen the weapons. We will do this time?

In this episode of the podcast John Longo and Claudio Sardaro will try to analyze the most recent quarterly record of Apple trying to understand how financial analysts have flooded with negative outlook regularly disregarded. Apple is in extreme health and iPhone X is not a flop, clearly. This is errors or is there bad faith? Some myth, on Apple, the iPhone X, the alleged iPhone IF 2 and Apple repairs.
In the meantime, the competition is not going to look at, and LG is preparing the launch of the new G7, the ec will make it this time?

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