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Published on Aug 09, 2019


Yamato Video it has published a post “surprise” on his page Facebook official, through which the publisher suggests that six of the animated series, the catalog will soon be available in exclusive streaming.

Searching on the net we found that six of the animated series will be hosted by Paramount Network.


Published by Yamato Video on Friday, August 9, 2019

Magic Kaito 1412

Kaito Kuroba is a common high school student with the passion for games of prestige. Soon becomes aware of the fact that his father is mysteriously murdered, was in fact the elusive thief Kaito Kid. Decided to find the killers of his father, decided to follow in his deeds and he himself becomes Kaito Kid.
Ago so his reappearance is the great thief illusionist will enveloped in the chaos of the police, gangsters, and the rich owners of precious stones.

Cinderella Boy

Ranma and his partner Rella run a detective agency in Giraffe City.
One day the two remain victims of a road accident and when he wakes up, Ranma is no longer his partner. Soon discover that a mysterious doctor, to save his life, and has them linked to one and the same body that the two share at the stroke of every midnight.
Ranma and Rella will use this new “feature” to solve the intricate and at the same time to investigate the mysterious causes of their accident and the real identity of their “savior”.

Ultimate Otaku Teacher

At the time of high school, Kagami Jun ichirou was a brilliant researcher: at the age of seventeen, he obtained the publication of two scientific journals the most prestigious in the world, and won the attention of the academic world with a revolutionary theory that he felt the plausibility of a theoretical port to all over the world, the legendary tool of Doraemon able to teleport those passages wherever he wishes.

However, once concluded his research and lost the yoke that had approached him to science, Kagami loses all interest in his activities, being soon in a condition of neet: not in fact involved neither in the study nor in work, nor in training. He, however, justifies itself by claiming to suffer from RFV, a terrible disease which is the cause of... Can Do only what he Wants! And what he wants Kagami Jun ichirou, at the moment, it is only to update his blog of souls and climb the ranking of the pages the most followed on the network.

Into his life bursts, however, an extraordinary change: tired of his pastime of idle people, his sister Suzune has in fact written without his knowledge in a recruitment notice, as a teacher of physics organized by the former school of the young, and against all expectations Kagami has won!

Will reconcile the teaching with his innate indifference?

Burn-Up Excess

In the year 202X, the crime rate in Neo Tokyo has exceeded the levels of the guard. To cope with the situation, has been secretly created a special force called the WARRIOR, composed of elements of most choice (but chosen?!): Rio Kinezono, who is an expert of martial arts and submerged by debts for shopping uncontrollable; Nanbel, scientist, able to build sophisticated machines, all very cute and the color pink; Crew Ebet, computer genius with some problem with the CPU staff; Maya Jingu, the daughter of a well-known godfather of the honoured society, and with a unhealthy passion for guns, submachine guns and bazookas; Yuji Naruo, able to drive all the way in the spy in the bathroom of the girls; and, finally, Maki Kawasaki, the beautiful brain behind the team of police are the most “equipped” of the world. It's show time!

Cutie Honey Universe

Honey Kisaragi is a super android built by his father to fight evil, but when the criminal organization Panther claw, that attacks and kills the professor to steal his inventions, the young will have to become the sexy heroine Cutie Honey and repel the mutants criminals!

The Count of monte cristo

Albert and Franz are two young aristocrats, arrived on the Moon to attend the famous festival of Carnival. Here know of a noble that is a lot of talk about the self, the mysterious and charismatic Count of monte cristo.
There are those who claimed to be a speculator got rich in distant galaxies, there are those who think to be an alien came from a distant planet, and there are those who imagine even that is a vampire. Nevertheless, Albert is attracted to the area, and the Count, accortosene, takes advantage of it to invite him, along with his friend, to a public execution, attraction highlight of the Carnival of the Moon.
Here, the Count proposes a macabre game to Albert: save the life of one of the three prisoners, trusting to the case, i.e. by choosing a card with the name of the criminal. Albert accepts the game, but the case wants to escape is the worst among the three.
But it was really all a case? Or the Count of monte cristo has plans that are very precise for Albert? Maybe plans that are linked to his mysterious revenge?

(Source synopsis: Man-Ga)

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