Yamato Video, news on the Shinko and the age-old Magic and Lu, and the City of the Sirens


Published on Oct 18, 2019


Through Facebook Yamato Video it has published updates on two animated films unreleased next arrival in Italy.

First of all, it has been confirmed the acquisition of Shinko and the age-old Magic, animation director Sunao Katabuchi (Black Lagoon, In This Corner of the World) of which had been lost track of:

Yamato Video is pleased to confirm to his gentile audience the acquisition of the feature film of the author SHINKO AND THE age-old MAGIC (マイマイ新子と千年の魔法) by Sunao Katabuchi, the wise director of this corner of the world and the former assistant director of Kiki's – Delivery of Hayao Miyazaki.Shinko and the age-old magic, made by the famous animation studio Mad House, has been presented in national preview, dubbed in the latest edition of the Giffoni Film Festival.

In the next few days will be released a first trailer.

With regard to Lu and the City of the Sirens was made known that the recently announced film directed by Masaaki Yuasa (Mind Game, Devilman Crybaby) will be screened dubbed into Italian in the preview on Saturday, November 2, 2019 at Cinema Centrale in Lucca:

Preview Lucca 2019: Saturday, 2 November at 15:00 c/o Central Cinema (Lucca) | Director Masaaki Yuasa (Japan 2017 • Duration: 108 approx.)

The program of the event:
• Introduction to the care of the staff at Yamato
• Screening of the complete film in Italian language
• Previews of the publisher

LU AND THE CITY OF the SIRENS (夜明け告げるルーのうた) of Masaaki Yuasa, the talented director of Devilman Crybaby, Mind Game and the recent Kimi to, Nami ni Noretara, soon to be released also in Italy.

Following the separation of his parents, the young Kai, he moved to a small settlement of fishermen, where legend has it that the bay is infested by the sirens, evil creatures like men. In the free time, Kai composed music and ends up attracting the curiosity of a young mermaid named Lu. Kai and Lu will be able to establish a deep bond that can overcome popular beliefs and differences between the world of humans and that of inhabited of the sea.

Lu and the city of the mermaids, won the Annecy festival in 2017

Below is the trailer in Italian:

Yamato Video, news on the Shinko and the age-old Magic and Lu, and the City of the Sirens is




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