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Published on Dec 22, 2018


Jin-Roh – Wolves And Men
February 14, 2019, BD + bonus DVD € 29,99 – DVD + DVD bonus Euro 24,99

In Japan that struggle to exit from the post-war period, the first buds of an economic miracle coexist with the latest flames of social unrest. During a confrontation in the sewers of Tokyo, a young terrorist, you leave explode with a bomb in front of the eyes of Kazuki Fuse, a police officer, special TEMPLATES.
Fuse is subjected to a disciplinary measure, but the memory of what happened continues to haunt him. In the meantime, labyrinthine power-games they would like to the dismantling of the DIME, but the higher floors are whispers of the existence of a parallel organization within it called Jin-Roh, the man-Wolf. What can be the role of a Fuse in all of this? The obedient dog to the orders of power? The wolf blood that recognize only their own kind? Or, simply, a human being?

Ken The Warrior – The Legend Of Julia
February 14, 2019, BD Eur 16,99 – DVD € 14,99

The exploits of the beautiful Julia, in love with Kenshiro and kidnapped by the evil Shin, " power-hungry. After understanding the true fate that awaits Julia, or become the ultimate warrior of the school of Nanto, Shin decides to let her free and allow her destiny to fulfill in the name of the stars of Nanto. But as the battle for power between the Empire and Kenshiro will continue until you come to a surprising denouement...

Ken The Warrior – The Series Part 4
14 February 2019, 5 DVD € 34,99

A world war ii to the end of the TWENTIETH century has resulted in the collapse of modern civilization, and the total environmental devastation. The survivors of the nuclear holocaust were reduced to living in small gatherings in urban oasis in the middle of the desert, besieged by gangs of marauders, who plunder and destroy everything they encounter. In this scenario moves Kenshiro, the 64th successor of the martial arts school Hokuto shinken, Hokuto Shinken.

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