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Published on Apr 29, 2020


To follow is a summary of the anime series, licensed by Yamato Video in Italy, available in free streaming on the Paramount Network:

Haikyu!! The Ace of the Volleyball – Season 4 and OVA
The Karasuno kageyama is a is selected for the Withdrawal of national youth, while byakuya's attack form is chosen for a withdrawal of the freshmen promising of the prefecture. Hinata, who could not stand the idea of being left behind, looking for a way in.

The story – The Girl of the Space – OAV Special

Gigi la Trottola
(episodes 1-27)
Who would ever believe that a penny of cheese manic and irreverent, is actually a ace in all of sports? No one who does not know Gigi Sullivan.

(episodes 1-25)
Two guys are struggling with the construction of a robot dog, while a strange trio is hired by a mysterious thief and to go in search of a stone.

Daltanious, the robot of the future
1995. Alien spaceships have attacked Japan and brought misery everywhere. The thugs Tanosuke, Kento, Manabu and Jiro make a living with surviving by pilfering the local market. Entirely by chance, they stumble upon a space station...

Air The Animation
A devilish little girl, Ai, is presented to the Air Company demanding to be accompanied on a ride in a gondola. It is, however, only Akari.

Chrno Crusade
Sister Rosette seems to create more problems than can solve.

Sengoku Basara – Samurai Kings
The entire Japan is in war and the goal of the various Warring States is to reunite the Country under their control. Masamune Date and Yukimura Sanada clash for the first time on the field of battle.

Mahiru, when he comes back from school, he discovers that the cat that had the crop is transformed into a person.

Regalia – The Three Sacred Stars
Yui and Rena lead a peaceful life, but the appearance of a mysterious girl in the past of Rena sconvolgera’ their lives.

Cutie Honey Universe
A super android built by his father to fight the evil, that turns into a sexy heroine to fend off the mutant criminals!

The Count of monte cristo
The count of Monte Cristo is an anime studio Gonzo, inspired by the work of Dumas, but is set in a distant future where, however, human beings do not seem to have learned nothing from past mistakes.


Yamato Video, all the anime available on Paramount Network streaming free




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