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Published on May 17, 2016


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You ever want to resell an object that is now not used the most or go in search of a product that is unfortunately out of the reach of your pockets? There are many ways to go find what we need, bypassing the store, vendor, or service agencies: the app Xtribe is one of these.

Registered, explore the map, please contact the counterparty via chat and then incontrala to conclude the talks. Simple, fast and in real-time. No agency fees, no registration cost. A world of products and services near you are waiting!

The app Xtribe is very intuitive and can be fully managed from the screen to the bottom thanks to appropriate and intuitive icons. In case you want to further customize your profile however, you can just invoke the drop-down menu with the classic options button (the three horizontal lines) in the top left.

Once given the permission to the app to access your location, you will be shown a map on which to roam with their services, products and offers closest to you.

Both the home screen, the screen showcase will be further divided into two tabs depending on whether we are looking for products or services. In the screenshot showcase, in particular, the offers will be filtered based on the city of origin so as to restrict the number of displayed items.

Once you find what you were looking for, it will be a game to put you directly in touch with the seller without the need of any intermediary. Of course, the app also has an interesting flip-side: in case you are a seller you can place your bid, thanks to a guided path.

Among the features provided by Xtribe we find:


What are you waiting for still to conclude the deal of your dreams? Thanks to Xtribe sell, buy, trade and rent!




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