Xiaomi Mi Band 3? No: Amazfit Band!

Published on Sep 21, 2017

The I band and then the I Band 2 were authentic success for Xiaomi, that with simple devices from the excellent quality-price ratio is able to conquer the market of wearable.

In the wake of this success, Xiaomi has created a satellite company Huami, dedicated only for wearable that has already launched on the market, several valid products under the brand Amazfit, the great Amazfit Peace and good Amazfit Beep.

Now that it's been more than a year after the presentation of the latest I Band, many are wondering what happened to Me in Band 3. Xiaomi, or in this case his rib Huami has perceived the interest of the market and has released the likely heir Amazfit Band.

The new smartband from Xiaomi has a design that is very linear and minimal, in my opinion, very elegant, with a large touch display color of the rectangular shape (with a resolution of 80×160 RGB) 1.23 inches with glass 2.5 D and stainless steel body.

The display likely will have transflective color as that of the other Amazfit which should allow a good visibility under the sun. Going to eliminate one of the main faults of the Mi Band 2.

Amazfit Band is designed to guarantee water resistance up to 50 meters of depth. The autonomy thanks to the battery 170mAh is estimated by Huami in 12 days, a good given in view of the many capabilities of this band.

There are, in fact, all the functions related to health and fitness that we have learned to love in the I Band 2: the monitoring of heart rate, distance traveled, steps, calories burned, and monitor sleep quality.

Thanks to the system that seems to be the same as that of the Amazfit Beep, there are functions which are less usual for the smartband, such as: notifications communicated to the extended (thanks to the large display), stopwatch, timer and weather forecast for 7 days.

Unlike the Beep Amazfit Band does not have GPS, then to plot your routes, you have to tack onto the previous product.

Also noteworthy: the charging cable with a magnetic coupling, the support of Bluetooth 4.1 BLE, the particularly low weight of 32 grams.

The new Xiaomi Amazfit Band has already been launched on the chinese market at a very competitive price of 299 Yuan, which at the exchange are about 38€. The band is available with the bracelets in 6 colors (orange, green, grey, red, and two variants of blue), which are probably enough to satisfy most potential buyers.

You can find out more directly from the product page.

This is a question from a million dollars, the Peace has received an international version soon enough, for the Beep even after months you wait.

The difference between the international version and the chinese one is in the firmware,and then in the language of the international version is in English, the chinese, unfortunately, only in the incomprehensible for us language home.

In any case, thanks to the work of the hardworking developers Italian, is already available a complete translation of the Bip in Italian ( of which we have already spoken), and that the operating system should be the same I don't think we'll have to wait long to see the Amazfit Band in Italian.

To date the product has not yet appeared on the large international portals, that usually we in the west we use it to make purchases in China.

We have done a study on what are the store chinese most reliable to avoid being ripped off.

The product should appear on the various store soon in the next few hours or perhaps days. As soon as it's available we'll update this post to inform you about the best offers to buy Amazfit Band.

Probably not, now Xiaomi seems to have decided to focus on only one brand of wearable the Amazfit. However, we do not have much to complain Amazfit Band seems to be the perfect heir to the Mi Band 2 improves in pretty much every aspect of the predecessor by offering a good product, cheap and reliable.

Our post on Amazfit Band has come to the end let us know with a comment if, according to you, it is a good heir of the Mi Band, or if you expected something different. For updates on the best products Xiaomi and not only follow us also through our social channels Facebook and Twitter.

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