XFL: technical Analysis of the West Division


Published on Mar 25, 2020


The XFL had to stop for the Covid 19 and we are to do a budget, necessarily partial, of what we've seen, with some assumption about how it would be could if you had played until the end, even if we will never have the counterfactual.

Let's start from the first of the class which has put on display the best things and, not surprisingly, is the only unbeaten. Houston is first in most of the classification statistics On the number of yards gained on pass, and, always on the steps, in the first down earned. On the other hand, in the rear in the similar rankings related at the races, a confirmation of the attitude to the game plane. They are also the first in the ranking of the season conceded only six, and second in interceptions suffered, only four, which for a team that throws very, very few.

With regard to the defense, Houston is first in the rankings of the number of sack dealt, and of the yard that these sacks have lost to the opponent. Are then second in number of interceptions made, eight, behind the Wildcats, who have nine. The flagship of the attack is the connection PJ Walker - Cam Phillips, the latter, reinforced from the first, has received for 455 yards and nine TD.
PJ Walker, for his part, has launched for 1338 yards and 15 TD performance earned him the call of the Carolina Panthers.
Among the players of the excellent defense they are particularly distinguished the LB DeMarquis Gates is the author of two sacks, an interception, and two pass deflection and three fumble covered, and Deatrick Nichols, CB leader of the interceptions, and the author of eight pass deflection and a sack. Both are well-placed among the best tacklers.

The Wildcats are the team the more pass-oriented of the XFL in the ranking of the yards in net earned on the run are the last, but they are seconds, after Houston, in one of the yards gained on the pass. The average of the yards on to the scope is only a 2.9, the worst in the XFL, but in the yard open for a pass is second with a 7.3, after Saint Louis, before Houston. The great efficiency of the passing game should be excellent, QB Josh Johnson, who finished with 11 TD and only 2 interceptions, and a rating of 106,3 and a battery of receivers, among which are distinguished in particular Three McBride, Nelson Spruce (who before getting injured was the best receiver in the league), Jordan Smallwood and Brandon Barnes.

The painful notes for the team in california are from the defense. Both in the yard medium to flow in those allowed to pass are in seventh place in the rankings of the alloy and on the yard, and net granted to the race are last. Are, however, the team with more interceptions than 9, and the third for the number of one-sack, and 11, which have produced losses for 69 yards to the opponents. On the shields among the players of defense Safety Ahmad Dixon, the leader of the tackle and the two CB Mike Stevens and Jack Tocho, the authors of two interceptions in the head.

The Dragons, who closed with the unenviable record of one win and four defeats, they appeared a team, with a defense quite tough, but affected by an attack, not very productive, probably due to the lack of a QB with a great personality. Brandon Silvers, the starter the first games, has been very disappointing despite the six touchdown passes are offset, however, by four interceptions. The fourth game was alternated by BJ Daniels, who has slightly improved the average yards per play, but in the end he has distinguished himself more for the rushing yards and the two TD to be scored as a carrier.

Among the players on defense worth mentioning, LB Steven Johnson, one of the best tacklers in the league, and the Safety Godwin Igwebuike, the author of a TD after an interception on the opponent's goal line. In all the rankings of the team, the team of Seattle floats in the positions of center-to-low ranking and, if the tournament had been completed, would have probably maintained the last position in the Conference West.

The team of Dallas was the biggest disappointment of the tournament. The match with the underdogs by the bookmakers, has never been able to express the potential that the excellent players on the roster promised.
There are doubtless extenuating circumstances, first of all the injuries that have limited the use of quarterback Landry Jones, a player who has proven with several big-plays what he knows to do, but it is involved also in the errors that should be shared with a OL not without sin, as evidenced by the ten interceptions and eleven sacks suffered.
So the attack had to be very oriented to the game plane has ended up doing the the best things about racing is the best in the number of yards gained for each course. Main author of this result is certainly the RB Cameron Arthis Payne, man 5,16-yard range, well supported by Lance Dumbar. Among the receivers, it is distinct the YOU Donald Parham with 307 yards on 24 receptions and 4 TD's, a young man to keep an eye on.

The defence does not appear particularly aggressive. Splits with the Vipers the last position in interceptions made, only 3 and is seventh in the sack active, only six. Among the defense players the only one who is in any way distinguished is Josh Hawkins who has to his credit two of the three interceptions in the team and four pass deflection.

For the first place it is not necessary to be a mage: the Houston Roughnecks.
For the second position, the more equipped it seemed to me the Los Angeles Wildcats.
Third, the Renegades, and quarters for the Dragons.

But we will never know how it would go.




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