XFL: technical Analysis of the East Division


Published on Apr 02, 2020


The XFL had to stop for the Covid 19 and we are to do a budget, necessarily partial, of what we've seen, with some assumption about how it would be could if you had played until the end, even if we will never have the counterfactual. After the West Division today is the turn of the East.

Before being resized in the lost encounter in Washington, and the Battlehawks were the second force in the power ranking in the League, and, according to me, the remained.
Saint Louis closes the second place in the list of yards gained rushing, behind the Vipers, but only a third of the yard, for the flow rate. In return, control the ranking for the yard medium-conquered-by-step 7,8, but are only fifth in one of the yards net gained on the step. It follows that spend less but earn on average more, thanks to the rushing yards gained by receivers after the reception.
They are also the team that has undergone the least interceptions while in the last place in one of the sacks suffered and about the yard, and lost.

In evidence, in addition to the excellent QB Jordan Ta Amu, which, in addition to the rating of 101.3 as the wayfarer also boasts 217 rushing yards, were distinguished by the RB Matt Jones and WR DeMornay Pierson-El and LeDamian Washington.
Passing to the defense, and st. Louis is the one that has allowed less yards on the pass but it is on the sixth spot of the rushing yards allowed and last in average yards/ capacity.
Among the players of defense deserve special mention, LB Terence Garvin, the Safety Wil Hill is also the author of two interceptions and DEAndrew Ankrah to his credit with two sacks for 18 yards.

The team of the Big Apple, after the opening victory, he has cashed in two heavy defeats, one of which is to 27-0 in Wshington, that have greatly reduced. By the fourth day, however, the passage of Luis Perez in the booth instead of McGloin, it has greatly improved the offensive game, allowing the Guardians to close with the same record, 3-2, of the Battlehawks.
If you watch aile statistics, the structure of New York does not excel in any of the final pass lists, of the attack, but it is better placed in those related to defense, making it third in interceptions, six, and second in sacks, thirteen.
The strong points of the attack were the QB Luis Perez, old acquaintance of the AAF with the Birmingham Iron and with spent in the NFL; sin is entered only at the end of the third game, and the excellent RB, Darius, Viktor, whose best performance came in coincidence with the engagement of Perez that, by improving the aerial game, has made less predictable the actions of the race.

The defence has particularly shone in the line and, over all, the DT Cavon Walker, author of, among others, of four sacks.
Overall, even though in the Division the West has closed the first spot with Defenders and Battlehawks, I thought it was a training irresistible.

On the capitoline could be making speeches similar to those made for the Guardians. Had a good start, then stumbled in the two defeats, but it would be more correct to speak of defeats, then return to the victory against the first division.
The attack has shown the best things about racing, is second in the ranking of the rushing yards for flow rate, 4,5, while in the air are come in second to last with 5.6 yards per pass and, especially, seven interceptions suffered.
Even the defence has not provided impressive results, resulting in positions, defiled a little in all the rankings. In spite of the golden mean that has characterised their way, the Defenders have also closed them on par with Guardians and Battlehawks, but not enchanted.

Moving on to the players, to attack a decent number two RB Jhurell Pressley and Donnell Pumphrey. Much more was expected from Rashaad Ross, I remembered a very brilliant last year in the AAF. I suspect, however, that the poor performance in the game the aircraft are due also to the QB. Cardale Jones was off to a good start, but then lost on the road.
In defence we have distinguished the LB Jonathan Celestin and James Thurman, and, above all, safety Rahinìm Moore, with two interceptions, the active

For the last, the Cinderella of the Division, who closed with a single victory, because of a difficult start, but, according to me, in a division mediocre, could still aspire to a place in the post-season.
The Vipers are the team with the most passing yards net gained on the race and are only second to Houston and Los Angeles, earned on the pass. When Taylor Cornelius is joined in the booth, they put in a good attacking game very well balanced between racing and steps, but they have also committed many mistakes: finishing in the bottom wing grduatoria of the sacks suffered and was come in second to last in interceptions. The impression, however, confirmed by the last two defeats by a narrow margin, after having put fear to the Roughnecks, is that of a team with good potential and fast growth.

The QB Cornelius has certainly committed some mistakes due to inexperience, but also showed character.
Among the players of attack has made a good impression the RB DeVeon Smith, who has gained 385 yards in 90 courses, well supported by Jaques Patrick, and by the same Cornelius, who has taken 114 in 17 courses.
Good evidence of the receivers Dan Williams, 338 yda, Jalen Tolliver with 297 and the”Italian” Reece Horn, with the 240.
The defense however, despite the guidance of Brian Glenville, was a bit too permissive, something that has influenced a lot in the losses to Houston and Los Angeles.

Here also I ask the court it would have ended without the blockage caused by the epidemic.
First place Saint Louis, the team more complete in spite of the slip of Washington
For the second place in a battle with the Vipers, who according to me could still compete, but in the end, in the order, Guardians, Vipers and Defenders.




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