Xcode 9.1 reveals some details of the new interface of the iPhone X


Published on Sep 28, 2017


The new Xcode 9.1 beta, released concurrently with the first beta of iOS 11.1, offers a simulator more complete, which shows the new lock screen and the new interface which we'll see on the iPhone X.

In this beta of Xcode there are also some videos related to the activation of Siri or the Control Center, which will be shown to users who will start for the first time, the iPhone X. the interface of The simulator this on Xcode 9.1 reflects the version that will appear on the screen edge-to-edge of the next iPhone.

On the Home Screen, note the new dock with rounded edges and with a similar design to that seen on the iPad. The corners of the dock shooting the edges of the screen of the iPhone X. Compared to the iPad, the dock of the iPhone X is limited to only four applications, as on all other iphones.

The lock screen has more components than those seen during the presentation of the September. For example, at the bottom there is the inscription “Swipe up to open“, which suggests how to get to the Home screen on the iPhone X free Home button. The bar immediately below the soul gently up and down to have a better understanding of the gesture that must be made to interact with the device.

You note also the presence of the icon in grey to open the camera. On the iPhone real X there will also be a shortcut on the left side of the screen to activate the torch. Users must simply exert greater pressure (3D Touch) to activate these two keys.

At the top, near the right ear, there is a mini-icon of the Control Center with an indicator, which invites us to make a gesture down. This is another tip of the interface shows users how to enable the Control Center on the iPhone X (by pulling already the status bar...)

On the simulator, the interface of the Control Center does not work, but you can see how the status bar disappears and presents a new line below the area of the respective notch. This line includes the name of the carrier and the percentage of the battery.

We will keep you updated in case of other discoveries...




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