Xbox: first details on the new console generation


Published on Dec 24, 2018


The code name for the attribute from Microsoft for its new Xbox is Scarlett, but it will not be a single console since they were provided the first details regarding the different variants of the product.

A little’ as has already happened to the Xbox One's and Xbox One X, it would seem that even the Xbox Scarlett (that we reiterate to be only a code name and not the final name of the console) will have some versions that have slightly different characteristics between them. Below are the features of the four variants of the Xbox Scarlett and, later, those of the new models of Xbox One, as reported by the site Project Xbox:

Xbox Scarlett will mount inside AMD chipset customized by Microsoft that will use the GPU Vessels and CPU Ryzen 2 but do not know when more information about it.

However, Microsoft has, as mentioned earlier, projects for the future of Xbox One, which will continue to be supported and it will be even made of the new models:

For more details on the different versions of the Xbox Scarlett, you can take a look at the video below, made by the journalist Brad Sams:

Sources: CB, WC, PXB.

Xbox: first details on the new console generation is




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