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Published on Apr 05, 2018


How do they know that the Marvel fan, the X-Men have a fundamental importance in the field of american comics and for many years the series of the pupils of Professor Xavier has been the most sold in absolute. This publishing phenomenon was due to Chris Claremont, who created a real universe populated by many characters. Panini Comics presents a full-bodied volume Executioner''s Song, one of the crossover mutants, the most relevant of the nineties, released when Claremont had distanced himself from the Marvel creative differences.

The minds of the operation, by Fabian Nicieza and Scott Lobdell, at the time of the authors toe the House of Ideas, that did the X-Men and X-Force and Uncanny X-Men the second. The volume includes all the episodes of the saga, including the prologues and the epilogue. They are stories from the X-Men, 12/23, Uncanny X-Men 294/300, the Uncanny X-Men Annual 17 X-Men Unlimited 1 X-Force 16/19, X-Factor 85/87 and Stryfe's Strike File. The story, as you can guess, is large and complex and therefore involves several teams of mutants.

The X-Men are divided into two teams, and there are, in addition, the X-Force, led by aggressive Cable, and the second the formation of X-Factor that counts among its ranks Havok, Polaris, and other character. As in the case of crossover so large, there are high and low quality, but Nicieza and Lobdell perform a good job, supereroico in the tones and enhanced by a successful balance of action and introspection. Although the protagonists are therefore several, the story-line is focused on Professor Xavier, Fires, and Cable.

The last two, how he was intuition in the final episodes of the New Mutants, they have a bond, and the authors aim to unravel the mystery that concerns them. It all started when Xavier decides to participate in a concert of Lila Cheney, by the discourse of the brotherhood. It is here that Cable fires, or, at least, this is what it looks like. It starts like this a tragic event that sees teams of mutants to grips with the machinations of the treacherous Fires. To complicate everything, however, we think the Apocalypse with his Knights, the Liberation Front Mutant, the Dark Knights, and the terrible Left.

In practice, Lobdell and Nicieza use the main opponents of the mutants of the era and fun to sketch out a comic book typically Marvel, with texts and dialogues, maintained and effective. The only criticism you can make is about the excessive length of the plot that in the end, could be told in the span of a smaller number of episodes. Sometimes one has the feeling that the authors have wanted to pull it for long. However, it is a detail that does not detract from the overall quality.

Should also be mentioned the episodes of X-Factor written by the great Peter David, who in the course of his administration had abandoned many of the clichés of the series mutants, signing episodes memorable. The acclaimed writer of the Incredible Hulk manages to enter the team in the context of the crossover without sacrificing his usual ironic and unsettling. To be kept an eye on, in particular, the history of the n.87 X-Factor, ranked among the most beautiful of the Marvel of all times.

And it is here that Dr. Samson, a character well known to readers of the Hulk, decides to play a session of psychiatric with the components of the X-Factor, but by the clash with Fires and members. With this trick, David makes an analysis of the psychological deep of Havok, Polaris, Quicksilver, and the other members of the team, making out the weaknesses and the fragility of inner in a adult and sophisticated. Could this episode not to mention the volume.

Also from the graphic point of view, Executioner's Song is fine. With regard to the X-Men, pencils, alternate with Art Thibert, Brandon Peterson, and especially Andy Kubert, who produces plates, spectacular, enhanced by a dynamism excellent. The Uncanny X-Men takes advantage mostly of Brandon Peterson who proves to be valid in the action sequences and the more static and standardized in the more quiet. All in all, though, the level is good and no. 300 also sees the participation of the great John Romita Jr.

In the annual 17 Uncanny X-Men you can admire the stretch of twisted and aggressive Jason Pearson, really suited to the dark tones of the plot, and the no. 1 X-Men Unlimited is illustrated by another teacher, Chris Bachalo, rather far from the distinctive style that will captivate the readers in the following years, but already exciting. The issues of X-Force are embellished by the pencil and the plastic and fluid of Greg Capullo, the other penciler of unquestionable talent. As to the episodes of X-Factor, it is sufficient to specify that they are drawn by Jae Lee that was closer to the style ethereal and evanescent that will make him one of the penciler most appreciated in the american market.

The quoted episode of the no. 87 X-Factor is shown later by Joe Quesada that gives the best of himself in the first floors and in the shots detailed and the film cutting. The special Stryfe's Strike File includes beautiful illustrations, accompanied by texts by Nicieza and Lobdell, on the protagonists of Executioner''s Song, performed by Larry Stroman, Andy Kubert, Greg Capullo, Brandon Peterson, Jim Lee, Whilce Portacio and Marc Silvestri. Practically, the elite of the comics, the stars and stripes of the nineties.

In short, if you're a fan of the mutants you can not miss this volume.


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