X-Men: all the news from New York Comic con 2018


Published on Oct 08, 2018


During the New York Comic-con, the editor of the Marvel Jordan White has held a panel dedicated to the X-Men, inside of which were the cartoonists, And Brisson (Dead Man Logan, Uncanny X-Men), Sina Grace (Iceman), Matthew Rosenberg (the Uncanny X-Men), Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler (Cable), and Leah Williams (X-Men Black).

The opening panel was dedicated to X-Men Black. To have his say on the issue dedicated to Emma Frost (which will be released on 31 October) was the screenwriter Leah Williams, which said: “For me, Emma Frost is not a villain, I would say, is rather an anti-hero with a great history to tell.”

Talking about the highly anticipated title the Uncanny X-Men writer Matthew Rosenberg has made clarity on the situation regarding the assembly of the group, pushed to join the “from a threat that will bring the X-Men between them, but that will not reveal really what will be the final team”.

Writer Ed Brisson has added that “Magneto, Blob, Angel, and Omega Red will be the four Horsemen of Salvation”.

The Uncanny X-Men annual #1 will be released in January, and will be built by Ed Brisson and Carlos Gomez.

With regard to X-Force, the series will be produced by Ed Brisson and Dylan Burnett, and will be released starting in December. Brisson, about, said, “we will review the different enemies from the past resurface, along with some new ones. Very important will be the fact that Kid Cable and Foundation will cooperate with terrorists, anti-mutant. This fact will represent an important point of the story.”

With regard to Dead Man Logan, according to Brisson, that he takes care of the screenplay, it will be “a sort of final journey on the part of Old man Logan”, which then will leave the place to the return of Wolverine.

And from Dead Man Logan in the Return of Wolverine is a short step: the second number in the series is, in fact, was already made available to fans directly during the New York Comic-Con.

The series Wolverine: The Long Night, however, will be curated by Benjamin Percy and Marcio Takara, and will be released in January 2019. During the panel were shown some preview pages of the comic (as you can see below):

For Age of X-Men instead will be released in January a single, one-shot made by Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler and Ramon Rosanas. The comics focus on the character of Nate Grey, and on his return.

With regard to instead, What if ?Magik (which will be released on the 31st of October) the author Leah Williams said that the comic will tell the story of “what would have happened to Magik if you had not joined the New Mutants”.

While on the Iceman writer Sina Grace has spoken of the dynamics that will create between Bobby Drake and Emma Frost.

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