X-Force: returns a villain in the X-Men


Published on Mar 27, 2019


Ed Brisson writes with artwork by Dylan Burnett, and colors of Jesus Aburtov.

The following SPOILER for X-Force #4.

The younger version of the founder and leader of X-Force is going back in time in order to force the original five X-Men to return to their own time. Along the way, he also killed the Cable elder.

The X-Force want answers and travels to a small european country where Kid Cable and Foundation are fighting a government anti-mutant. The X-Force joins to the Cable, but instead of answers ends up getting more questions. There are trips in time, not to mention the evil cyborg Ahab, but at the end of the first arc of the series, the biggest threat to X-Force back in their lives.



X-Force #4 sees the final match of the team with Ahab. Ahab dies, but Cable still has not found what he is looking for. Reveals to Domino that are looking for Rachel Summers.

Rachel is the sister of Cable from another timeline, who becomes Mother Askani. During the event, Ahab has turned Rachel into one of his hounds in search of mutants and no one has seen since then. The X-Force learns that the government has forced Rachel to go through a time portal along with many other prisoners mutants. The X-Force is ready to leave and regroup, but someone familiar walk through the portal of time: the evil clone of Cable Fires.

But as has long been the archenemy of Cable, and their relationship is a node of continuity and time travel. Nathan Summers was the son of Cyclops and his wife There Pryor.

Apocalypse infected the child with a techno-organic virus -. Would have perished if it had not been for the appearance of Sister Askani, a time-traveller from the future. Cyclops and Jean Gray allowed this to take Nathan into the future, where he could receive treatment for his illness. In the future, Mother Askani, who later turned out to be an elderly Rachel, helped grow Nathan. Became Cable, the soldier, the mutant that he would overthrow Apocalypse.

Not wanting to take any risks, Askani has done a clone of Nathan, then there would be a savior of the reserve if Nathan had fallen in battle. The forces of the Apocalypse have kidnapped the clone believing it to be true. The apocalypse has reared the child, who has become the terrorist Fires. Cable then traveled back in time to try to prevent the Apocalypse to rise to power. But as he followed him again, determined to make his family – Cyclops, Jean Gray and Cable – to pay for what was done against him. The events of this comparison were the backbone of Execuzione, one of the greatest events of X-Men of the ’90s.

The event ended with the presumed death of Cable and Fires, leaving the X-Men, unsure of the nature of their relationship. But has returned several times since these events took place. Its appearance most recently in the Wolverine/Cable: Split / Second, where she threatened the life of the daughter of Deadpool to force Deadpool to kill Cable. Deadpool and Cable have joined forces to defeat the Fires.

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