X-Factor, the singer rushed to the hospital: here's what happened

Published on Nov 02, 2018

It is one of the most watched programmes on Sky X Factor. The musical talent show yesterday had a shot of the scene: a competitor is due to leave from the program for a dramatic event

X-Factor, one of the singers in competitions has had a problem with decentralisation serious. This is Scarlett Lee, the makeup artist and contestant of the X Factor. The singer had an injury to the eyes in order to save his family from a fire at the home of his brother.

Could go far worse. For now, however, the dream of Scarlett Lee, weblog X Factor should stop. For an injury to the eye the girl should put in stand-by, the race, but we all hope to see her on stage very soon. But what is success? The makeup artist had helped their family escape from the fire that was kindled in the house of his brother.

The latter, Benjamin and his wife, Sharon, were at home with their four children when the flames have invaded the apartment. Scarlett helped his family and was then brought to the hospital.

The X Factor judges have now granted a bit of time to recover after the accident. Here's what he said to the girl a few hours ago:

“Thank God, my eye is doing well”

Through a post on Instagram, the girl urged everyone to pray for his family. Very likely that the terrible fire was caused by a fault on the electrical system.

The firemen fought the flames for four hours. Fortunately, the members of the family of Scarlett are all alive, the brother Ben, however, was taken to the hospital for poisoning from inhalation of smoke. Scarlett Lee will stay for a few days far away from the stage to stand next to his family.

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