WWE: Roman reigns's will NOT be at Wrestlemania 36


Published on Mar 27, 2020


Continues the revolution in home WWE in the last few weeks is adapting its programmes to the emergency Coronavirus with the weekly shows recorded without an audience, and the most important event of the year that will be recorded, always without an audience, at the Performance Center in Orlando in two evenings – for all the details click HERE.

In the late evening of yesterday, however, it was also a glaring indiscretion: Roman reigns's will not participate in Wrestlemania 36.

The wrestler, immunedepressed after his battle against leukemia, he asked the WWE to be removed from the card, so as to avoid travel and reduce his chances of contracting a virus that, in his state of health would be fatal.

Reigns's leaves so discovered the match against Goldberg for the Universal Championship. Currently, we don't know who will replace him.

One of reigns's, however, is not the only defection: in Rey Mysterio, and Dana Brooke, who was supposed to participate in the Six-Pack Elimination Match valid for the SmackDown Women's Champion – have contracted the virus and at the same time, many other wrestlers are asking not to participate in the event.

Then a few days after the recording of the event, the WWE is having to tinker with the card.

More details and updated card, as soon as available.

WWE: Roman reigns's will NOT be at Wrestlemania 36 is




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