WWE: Batista is interested in returning to the ring full-time


Published on Nov 25, 2017


We are 3 years (the episode of Raw June 2 2014) Batista (Dave Bautista in real life) decided to go away from the WWE to devote himself body and soul to the world of cinema and its role in Guardians of the Galaxy, but 2018 might be the year in which the actor and wrestler return to the origins, returning to limestone for the ring is prestigious in the WWE with ambitious plans for his character.

In fact, as stated precisely by Dave Bautista in the course of the podcast of Jim Ross and then reported by The Mirror, the Superstar is interested to return to full-time with the WWE.

Here are the words of the Baptist:

“In these years I have been in contact with Vince McMahon and I have also talked with him recently. He knows what I want. I was clear that I would go back and be an integral part of a storyline with Hunter (Triple H). I have always been open and honest about it and that is what would make me come back.“

Batista is gone from WWE in 2014, first in the key storyline according to which Triple H would have denied a match at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and then also in the reality to creative differences. Therefore, if Batista were to return to the court of McMahon would be ideal to develop a history with Triple H to complete what is still pending.

Below the last appearance of Batista to Raw:

There are also rumors according to which Batista could be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018.

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