Worldwide motorists, which are covered only in theory. Little respect for speed limits and seat belts

Published on Apr 18, 2017

Covered in the theory, offenders in practice. The worldwide motorists do not respect speed limits, drive without a seat belt fastened and use the phone without a headset or hands-free. This was revealed in a survey conducted by the research institute of MPS is Evolving Marketing Research for Quixa – a company that operates in the market of insurance policies online from the title ‘Stethoscope – The feel of the policyholders of the Italian’. Worldwide motorists, which are covered only in theory. Little respect for speed limits and seat belts. Asked about their behavior behind the wheel, on average, more than two-thirds of the drivers (72%) declare that they comply with all road rules when you put in the guide. The certainty of the discipline and drive begin to falter when there is aimed at young people: 35% of respondents between 18 and 44 years old admits he does not always obey the rules, preferring to rely more on the presumed sense and the highway Code, compared with 20% recorded in the range 45-75 years. In detail, it emerges that at least one-half exceeds the speed limit (51%) or travelling on the back seat without tying the belt (50%). All four drivers out of 10 (42%) do not comply with the safety distances. 41% of italians, moreover, confesses to not always follow correctly the standards required to transport children to and. Is around 30% the car park outside the spaces allowed, which can create discomfort or risk to the movement, while the use of mobile phones without hands-free or headset is allowed only from 23.5% of the italians. 23% of respondents confessed to overtake where it is not allowed, while 17% of travelling without a seat belt on the front seats. The risk in the guide seems to be a prerogative of male and widespread among the young. For all violations, in fact, the men showed higher percentages: in particular, the major differences are found for the overcoming of the limits of speed (he admits 57% of men compared with 45% of women) and risky overtaking (26% versus 19%). Women prevail only to the lower use of safety belts, both on the front seats and on the rear. As the influence of age and localization. Young people up to 44 years of age seem to be more reckless behind the wheel: they record higher proportions of at-risk behaviour compared to drivers more mature, especially with respect to the exceeding of speed limits (56% in the age bracket 18-44 years of age, 46% are between 45 and 75), the non-observance of the safety distance (47% against 38%) and the use of mobile phones (29,5% of younger, compared to 17.1% of the other). Also the geography seems to change the behaviors behind the wheel. To the North you overdo it more with the speed: it admits about 60% of the respondents in the northern against, the 51% of the Centre, and 39% in the South. The second offence the more committed is the failure to respect the safety distance (46% in the North West and 41% in the North East). In the Centre and South it is more common to travel without a seat belt: when you are traveling on the rear seat is a behavior implemented respectively by 56% and 57% of the citizens of these areas, compared to approximately 40% of the North. A difference is evident even when it is in the front seat: 23% of respondents in the central and southern regions, against 13% in the North West and 7% in the North East. (ANSA)

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