World's End Harem, the manga reaches the climax of the first part


Published on May 10, 2020


Sunday, May 10, 2020 the service Shonen Jump Plus, Shueisha has published the chapter number 82 of the manga series, World's End, Harem (Shuumatsu no Harem) of the LINK and Kotaro Shono.

The chapter has revealed that the series is in the climax of the first part and that there will be a major announcement for the series, May 13, 2020, in the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the publication and distribution of volume 11 of the series, scheduled on the same day.

World's End Harem is in the process of serialization from May 2016 on Shonen Jump Plus; the volume 10 is released on the 4th of January last in the bookstores of Japan.

In 2018, has also inspired a spin-off fantasy, titled the World's End, Harem: the Fantasy, the chapter come out on the magazine Ultra Jump, on the Shonen Jump Plus and app Young Jump!.

In Italy, the World's End Harem is going for J-POP (5 volumes at the moment):

When a mysterious illness exterminate the male share of humanity, the only hope to avoid extinction are a handful of guys who survived the epidemic. It is their task, the hard task of repopulating the Earth, eluding those who want to get their hands on their chromosomes, in a world where millions of women are their resource the most desired and sought after!

World's End Harem, the manga reaches the climax of the first part is




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