World of Warcraft: the Legion is finally live!

Published on Aug 30, 2016

World of Warcraft: the Legion has been officially released today. Here's what to expect in the sixth expansion to the MMORPG of the record...

Comes out today the sixth expansion for a computer game that seems to be immortal. I'm talking of course of World of Warcraft: Legion, available for the price of 44,99€ in both physical and digital.

Below is the press release released by Blizzard in these hours, and the comment of the company on the launch of the new expansion:

“We are excited about the idea of reliving one of the major conflicts of the Warcraft®, the eternal fight against the Burning Legion, that will engage the players in their adventure most epic ever,” said Mike Morhaime, president and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “We have equipped the Legion of features and content with which players will be able to deal with World of Warcraft in new and creative ways, including a new class, heroic, incredible weapons Artifact that unlocks a new path of progression, and the freedom to explore the area like never before. We are anxious to see the players try all that awaits them in this new expansion.”

In the Legion, Azeroth is at risk of total annihilation by the hand of gul'dan and the demonic army that's more powerful than the Alliance and the Horde have ever faced. To stop the destructive crusade of the Legion, the defenders of Azeroth must embark on a mission to discover the mythical secrets of the Islands Scattered, to find and learn the use of weapons Artifact from the power of legend, and to gather samples that will fight for their cause in the Enclaves of Class. In the darkest hour, they will also have to make a pact with Demon Hunters, outcasts Illidari corrupted by the magic vile and the disciples of Illidan the Betrayer. If the heroes of Azeroth were to fail... entire kingdoms will burn.

World of Warcraft: the Legion introduces a large amount of new features and content that help the heroes in their mission to save Azeroth:

• New class heroic: the Demon Hunter – Unleash the Ruin in the form of quick attacks and devastating, or due Revenge with your demonic powers to protect allies. The Demon Hunter starts at level 98*, so you can join quickly to the battle on the Islands Scattered.

• New feature: Artifacts – Master the use of the legendary Artifacts, powerful weapons specific to the class that have made the history of Warcraft, as Brandicenere and Martelfato. These weapons increase your power with the use in battle against the Burning Legion.

• New continent: the Islands Scattered – Explore new areas that you adapt dynamically to your level. Deals with the kingdom of the Vrykul, Stromheim, where the mythical Guardians of the Titans clash to gain control over it. Reveals the hidden secrets from the ruins of the Night Elves to Azsuna. Free Val sharah, from the clutches of the Emerald Nightmare. You determine your destiny.

• Reach immediately the level 100 – Reach immediately to the front of the battle against the Legion due to the upgrading flash at the 100 level included in the game, and test the different classes before using it with the new function of the Legion, the School class.

• New feature: Enclaves of Class – Gather the members of your class and plan the resistance against the Legion. Guide the troops and the samples of your order, including famous characters of the Warcraft, and do the missions necessary to support your cause.

• New system of honor in PvP – Get new specific powers for PvP as you progress in the new system of honor, earning rewards that will serve you in the arena, in the fields of battle or in the content of PvA.

• New feature: missions in the world – After reaching the maximum level, faces a huge number of missions in the world are always different. The hunt for rare treasures, join with other players to defeat powerful world bosses and much more.

Below is the official trailer for World of Warcraft: the Legion

You can find World of Warcraft: the Legion at a discounted price HERE.

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