World Aids day: in Italy, 100 thousand sick and the other 50 thousand, however, do not know to be

Published on Dec 01, 2014

In Italy there are about 100 thousand people with Hiv or Aids. The figure does not include the share of unaware of the infection, i.e. Hiv-positive, but without a diagnosis and unaware of their hiv status. It is estimated that the percentage of people who do not know they are Hiv-infected can vary from 13% to 40%, and considering these estimates, therefore, the number of living with Hiv or Aids in Italy may vary from 108 thousand to 156 thousand. Mode of transmission the most frequent is that heterosexual (37%), while the users of drugs by injection were 28%, and males who have sex with males representing 27%. A challenge still to be won, today, December 1 “World Aids Day”. In the context of the epidemic of Hiv/Aids, one of the challenges is still difficult to overcome is that of the tumors that arise in hiv-positive people, and which today constitute the first cause of death in Italy. The division of Medical Oncology, Cro Aviano (Pn) – the Operating Structure is Simple, cross-Departmental (Sosi) of Infectious Diseases directed by Emanuela Vaccher – has the greatest clinical experience in Italy of tumors in Hiv, having seen well over 1,000 since the beginning of the epidemic, and also has a search experience that puts it in the first places not only in Europe but also in the world in this respect of cancers associated with Hiv/Aids. The prevention, diagnosis, and the directions to follow for those affected by Hiv. “The cancers in Hiv – explains Umberto Tirelli, Director of the Department of Medical Oncology, Cro – are passed from the diseases to be considered as practically not to treat at the beginning of the outbreak because the treatment was considered to be without benefit, to always be treated with the benefit and also curable. Unfortunately, people with Hiv infection who are alive today thanks to Haart (Highly active antiretroviral therapy) have high risk factors for developing tumors. In particular, it is often because they smoke a lot, sometimes abuse alcohol, do not submit to the prevention and early diagnosis of tumors and also dwell frequently viruses such as hepatitis B and C, Hpv, and others, which are known oncogenes. Patients with Hiv infection should quit smoking and to follow the guidelines for the prevention and the early diagnosis of tumors. In particular, the cancers related to smoking as those in the lung are already on the rise and will be increasingly present to the ageing of the population with Hiv infection”. The findings of medical and scientific to overcome these diseases. Tumors with classic related to Aids, such as Kaposi's Sarcoma and the lymphomas, however, are in decline thanks to the Haart, and progress has been made remarkable in the management of these diseases. “Aviano – adds Tirelli – we found some drugs very effective in Kaposi's Sarcoma as vinorelbine, irinotecan and Taxol, in combination with Haart are able to give answers that were very effective in this tumor. Even when the Sarcoma is in an advanced stage, thanks to the combination of Haart and chemotherapy tuning here at Aviano by Emanuela Vaccher, you will come to a survival rate of three years of 100%, a big step forward compared to the situation pre-Haart, where no patient with Kaposi's Sarcoma advanced survived more than three years. With regards to lymphomas, leukemia, malignant, with treatments as the combination of Haart and chemotherapy, and immunotherapy with monoclonal antibodies and marrow transplantation, he concluded, " Tirelli – today you get the same results as that in the general population with the same lymphomas and the same stage of disease”. Recently, the Sosi of Infectious Diseases, extended the research interest and treatment to immunosuppressed patients after transplantation of solid organs such as liver, kidney, and heart, for which there is a clinic dedicated study of transplant patients and will carry out a screening for early diagnosis and possible therapy of tumors that arise in these patients. (AGI) .

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