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Published on Sep 16, 2017


Workout master class is a bit of a throwback to the era of the school, when the classes moved to the gym to do gymnastics. And this is really the climate that we want to re-create: a class connected with fun, it releases tension and makes the group. Aided by the fact that the children there are truly back at school, I am convinced you have a little free time to be able to train.

Not much, I know, the commitments are always a lot, but just a half an hour a day for you you deserve it and you can certainly grant.

As for the school in this workout will have different classes depending on the level of difficulty. To find out which is your level, perform the FITNESS TEST at the end of this page.
Here is a brief description of how you will be organized for our classes:

Workout Master Class is a Challenge that will be with you for thirty days. Thirty days in which you allenerai with all of your new classmates. To help you and answer all your questions we also decided to assign two of the spartans a bit more experienced in the role of Head of the Class. Will be ready to help you answering your doubts. For each class we will start an event on our Community Facebook. This will allow you to compare yourself with other people who are doing your same route. You can also get fired up and motivate yourself all the others. What are you waiting for? Choose your class and start following the appropriate calendar. The first two weeks will be the same then, after 15 days, you will go up a little level and we will propose you other videos, workout a little more intense.

We have thought about how to make your life easy by selecting video workouts that do not require materials that are particularly expensive or difficult to find. The first thing, really important, is to have a good pair of shoes from training. Will allow you to absorb jumps and shots to the joints, preventing injury and helping in exercises that require good balance.

In addition to the shoes obtain a mat comfortable, non-slip and the handlebars. I often ask what is the maximum weight must be. There is a weight exact in the absolute sense. It all depends on your level of training. You have to get to the last repetition with difficulty, but always maintaining control, and managing to have a good run.

Now carrying out our test, discover the class to which you belong and join our event on facebook! You expect



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