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Published on May 03, 2020


Welcome to this book that we have dusted off to give space to the fans of the chat Telegram of the Huddle Magazine. We have chosen to interview real fans of some teams in the NFL, regardless of their level of competence, taking into account only their passion.

We are interested in a different point of view from one of the many analysts of the game, we want the perspective of a fan who suffers from any given Sunday for his team. All we can do is start with today's guest: Lorenzo Martini, a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Carlo & Giorgio: Welcome! Break the ice by introducing you to our readers and telling us a little about yourself in general, how to follow the football and, above all, how did you become a fan of your favorite team.

Lorenzo: good morning everyone. My name is Lorenzo, I am 42 years old and I live in Cesena. I am responsible for an office of Patronage, I am married and have a baby girl of two years, and this is the reason why I participate little in the chat...
I follow the football for about 30 years, even if the early memories are pretty vague of a few games of view casually with my brother. Let's say that the season in which she advanced the spark, the one in which I became a fan was that of 1997, thanks to tele+, its Sunday and Monday night broadcast on the Monday and Tuesday afternoon, and to the books on US sports, the one that culminated with the helicopter John Elway became in no time my first hero, NFL. From that moment on, the passion has done nothing other than grow: for example, I planned the honeymoon trip in the States three months after the wedding, to be able to see live match... in The end I managed to see only one, but it was a thrilling experience beyond any limit that is humanly expressible.

When I became a fan of the Buccaneers? I think that there is a place and a precise time: the Championship lost 11-6 against the Rams of 2000, when I saw that defense is wonderful, that he was already at the levels that we went on to win the Superbowl there a few years, stifle the sort of video game challenge was the greatest show on turf. It was a performance heroic and wonderful, that he enhanced our and showed me in the eyes for the first time the deeper meaning of the football, that is a matter of centimetres to conquer with the nails made mainstream by Pacino D'amato. Only an attack, not to the height (to the most young people remember that in the booth, there was Trent Dilfer, a quarterback terrible miracle then a few years later by the Ravens defense, who was then replaced by Shaun King, an unheralded then it lost track within a couple of years) and a call to be controversial on a reception to Bert Emanuel, who supposedly has changed the history of the game, go to the appointment with the ring, but it was on that night that I fell in love with the helmets with the skull.

How do you evaluate the Free Agency? Were you satisfied with the work of the Front Office, or would you have preferred to of the different moves?

Whereas, I have always been very critical of the front office of the Buccaneers, because in the last years there was very little to share... well, there was the problem of the QB, and I would say that the solution was...BOOOM!
Let's be clear, Winston was no longer presentable. I will not stand being longer and I would have defenestrato at least two years ago. One of the talents pure larger that I've seen, but totally unreliable. At that point...well, the solution Licht was lead to Tampa, the QB, the most successful in the history of football, accompanied then by YOU, stronger than ever, at least in the sense “modern” of the role, the rebuilding of one of the couples the most iconic views on a gridiron. What would you tell him? Clear, doubts are many and they are legitimate: Brady to 42 years, for the first time away from BB, it will still have the hunger and desire to get in the game? And Gronk, with the medical file that is found will still be at the height of the NFL, after a year's sabbatical? Would remain suspended until September, but is sure to bring charisma and winning mentality, which in those parts is missing too, now, and anyway I don't think that a football player go on the field for vivacchiare and a stamp on the tag and just with the risks. Brady has a work ethic is legendary, and let us remember that Gronkowski, before retiring, and already full of aches and pains has found a way to be decisive in the Superbowl last year.

For the rest, key the tag on Barrett's esophagus and the confirmation of Suh, sin for Perriman, but it would have been the third, and in any case, some sacrifice was inevitable. I was expecting something in the backfield, as the running game still is not very credible, but there is still time and still a little bit of good, he had begun to see towards the end of last season. And a little bit in the seat of the draft has been done, but we will get there.

Therefore, the judgment in the complex can only be positive. And when we see a free agency as well?

He recently completed the draft's most amazing story for its progress, this virtual mode is successful, the same to yourself? In terms of choices instead, which teams do you think moves better and which worse?

This draft in an automated way is certainly particular, and unfortunately also reminded us that, as we strive to talk about football, out there the situation is very serious, and even gives us the certainty of being able to see the NFL in September. But even in the absence of certain baracconate which, however, are part of the show, a draft is always a draft, with all its corollary of decisions more or less predictable, steals, and surprises of various kinds. And, it has to be said, thanks to this new method, we have witnessed scenes in their own way memorable, like the dog on the chair of Belichick or Goodell's version of desperate housewife.

I really liked how they worked the Broncos, who have put in hand to Lock an arsenal of remarkable, and the Ravens, which in the draft are always the masters and that now they really are a team. Then I mention the Browns, which have propped up the defense line and offensive, the Jaguars that for a time they seem to have done things with the policy, and the Cowboys that promise sparks. Especially for the demerits of others, put myself between the teams in launchpad, even the Cardinals. Evil, but don't say anything original, Packers and Seahawks that seems to want to force put in difficulty their phenomenal quarterback. I liked a few of the Raiders that they would have to think a bit more to the defence.

Coming to the pick made by your team, you can give us your own assessment of your calls? There are choices that would have done it differently if I was the GM?

As for the Buccaneers, they are moderately satisfied. The need was offensive line, secondary and backfield, and the top three choices were in that direction. Wirfs is an athlete monstrous called to inject new lymph in a line very porous. Winfield has a cv that is interesting, in spite of the size, and Vaughn seems to be a RB, very versatile, in and out of the backfield, though perhaps the choice was a bit early. Johnson, you say great things, and you may be ready to enter in the rotations, behind Evans and Godwin.

The other choices the little I know, I there is a DT to provide depth to the department, but instead of another RB I would have opted for another player to bolster the secondary, which must inevitably improve. Can come out something good from the undrafted, or at least you could strike up some trade saw that OJ Howard to me seems clearly on the market and could be used as goods of exchange in order to reinforce a defense, the front seven in hand, still has too many loopholes.

Who do you think will be the rookie of the ones you selected, and/or the youth already in your roster that will have the most impact in terms of attendance and improvement of your findings?

Point lot on Wirfs because it really feels like a freak, and because it will be thrown immediately into the fray in a department quite feeble called to protect a quarterback that doesn't dance more the mambo behind the line as the one that was there before. Then, I expect confirmations by Devin White, who already last season had proved to be at the top of his role as a rookie.

Finally, but mine is mostly a hope, I have hopes in Ronald Jones, who last year had ended in a crescendo and Vaughn, who should be able to give breath to Brady, and to create a racing game reliable. In any case, we can think of TB12, who throws 50 times a game, and Winston, and then the growth of the running game is crucial to have ambitions.

Analyzing your roster which are the points of strength and points of weakness? Although it is very early to be getting carried away, can you give us a forecast of record, and placement for the next year?

The roster of the Buccaneers is without a doubt the strongest from a number of years. The attack, on paper, has a potential air explosive, with the possibility of mixing the cards, thanks to YOU, with the hands very hot. The running game remains an unknown, but by reducing the turnover and increasing the number of games you can lawfully hope to increase chemical effectiveness. The front seven was a guarantee and remains. The big problem remains the secondary, and to avoid that every game becomes a shooting at the pigeon and you should renew it again. The time is there and the space on the wage as well.




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