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Published on May 09, 2020


Welcome to this book that we have dusted off to give space to the fans of the chat Telegram of the Huddle Magazine. We have chosen to interview real fans of some teams in the NFL, regardless of their level of competence, taking into account only their passion.

We are interested in a different point of view from one of the many analysts of the game, we want the perspective of a fan who suffers from any given Sunday for his team. All we can do is start with today's guest: Frederick, a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Carlo & Giorgio: Welcome! Break the ice by introducing you to our readers and telling us a little about yourself in general, how to follow the football and, above all, how did you become a fan of your favorite team.

Federico: Hello to all friends of Huddle Magazine, I am Federico (Fede Bonny on the chat, Telegram), I'm 19 years old, and two are a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.

One of my characteristic is that I'm a fan of the very creature of habit and I have my traditions that I respect before every game. For example, if the match is at 19 dinner in the room, as if the game is at night, in bed at 20:55 and wake up at 1:55. Another thing that accompanies me always during the matches are the hat and the jersey of the Eagles Nick Foles, a player to whom they are particularly attached, because probably without him I would never have rooted for this team. An episode, “funny” happened during a game was when Agholor had the wrong one receipt, then I'll throw a football and dirty against the wall... then there is a black stain on the wall of my room.

Understand when and how my passion was born for this sport and this team, we have to make a small jump back in time to that historic Superbowl where the Patriots won in comeback over the Falcons, the match had turned on my curiosity towards the game of football. Curiosity, however, was off, until, in January 2018, I stumbled randomly on Fox Sports and I saw my first chunk of the game, the AFC Championship between the Jaguars and Patriots, of course, needless to say, we understood nothing, but I was always more willing to learn more. During the match, which I realized to be important, and I looked for some information about all the teams that were left and saw that the Philadelphia Eagles were the underdogs and they used to meet in the final of the NFC in the hunt of the first Superbowl in the history, with the qb of the reserve. My first reaction, so that instinct was “going to win them... I will root for their victory”. So it was: they had won and I was a new fan, a couple of weeks after I bought the jersey of Nick Foles, who still accompanies me during every game.

Every time that I think of as so little is born of a passion so important to me is the goose bumps, is it really true that the things that happen by chance are the most beautiful.

How do you evaluate the Free Agency? Were you satisfied with the work of the Front Office, or would you have preferred to of the different moves?

I am very satisfied from the free agency, we have taken two excellent play cornerback, Darius Slay and Robey-Coleman, which are going to strengthen considerably in a role where last year we had considerable difficulty, and where, in my opinion, Sidney Jones and Avonte Maddox have been insufficient, in fact, the more and more times during the games I have made you mad.

As regards the market for the output I felt sorry for Malcolm Jenkins, while at the opposite Agholor are glad that is no longer in a team because in the last season, where he could be a key player because of the many absences, he has committed far too many errors, missing receipts apparently little complicated.

He recently completed the draft's most amazing story for its progress, this virtual mode is successful, the same to yourself? In terms of choices instead, which teams do you think moves better and which worse?

With regard to the draft, this edition will go down in history as the first to be held in a “virtual”, and to me personally is greatly appreciated because it managed to offer moments and funny situations that with the way the draft traditional we would not have ever been able to see, for example, the dog of Bill Belichick, Henry Ruggs in a bathrobe, Lamb who steals hand the phone to the girlfriend, the children of the GM, the houses of the players, GM and coaches, all of these situations the extra football that I have ripped a smile and I was entertained.

Passing to the concrete of this draft the two teams that, for choices, the more they convinced me they are the Vikings and, unfortunately, I have to say, Cowboys. The Vikings, because they were able to great to cover the holes left from the sale of Stefon Diggs and several CB, winning Jefferson and Gladney in the first round, also another factor-proof of the great draft picks made by the Vikings is the large number of pick they had. As far as the Cowboys, have been able to take the best players available at their pick I almost always agree with their choices, even at 17, when they chose Lamb because he's not had a great need of a WR Lamb that pick was, in my opinion, the bargain of this draft 2020.

Instead, go to the painful notes, the team that most of all has left me puzzled are the Packers, especially in the first two rounds. In the first, have decided to take Jordan Love, a choice that it is difficult to understand, given that they had many needs in different roles, and the quarterback was not one of these, since they have Rodgers, a great QB that has made the history and, despite his age, has shown he still wants to play, and which I fear has not taken too well to this. In the second round I was even more surprised by the choice of a RB, thus ending the first two rounds, and without having taken even one of those who on paper were the need. For these reasons, the draft of the Packers I think the “worst” of this year.

Coming to the pick made by your team, you can give us your own assessment of your calls? There are choices that would have done it differently if I was the GM?

Pre-draft if they feel that you cooked and raw in respect to our first choice... trade up, Jeudy, Ruggs, Lamb, Jefferson, Higgins, Mims, even in some of the mock draft you were talking about a LB. At the time of the draft, except for a small suggestion to Lamb, everything was going according to the most accredited or Jefferson at the 21, but at the time of the call... surprise, “Jalen Reagor”. I have to be honest, as soon as I heard this call I was puzzled, because I didn't actually expect, if not Jefferson to the limit I would have thought Higgins or Mims, but Reagor was just considered. In spite of this, a clear mind and watching a little bit of play in Reagor I changed my mind, and I have great expectations in him.

If the first round has left me puzzled, the second just has me baffled, and I have to say also made me angry, because I would never thought of Jalen Hurts, a QB with the second pick, even with Mims's still available. Thinking well, however, we can understand that the company is concerned about the continuity of Wentz, who seems to not be able to complete a season without getting injured, and especially by the fact that from last season we do not have a backup QB that is solid and ready to take over in time of need, as it was Foles in the season of the SB and in the next, absence and we paid a dear this year, losing the Wild Card Game when Wentz went out injured.

After the first two choices, that I had not been convinced, everything is better, from Devion Taylor, very good LB chosen in the third round, until the final day of the draft, in my opinion, between the three days, is one of the best managed, both for the players chosen, but also for the choice to do a lot of trade down. The two choices of which I was the more pleased of the third day were that of K von Wallace, which I think is a great safety to try to replace Jenkins, and the deal Marquise Goodwin more the 210 in exchange for the 190.

Who do you think will be the rookie of the ones you selected, and/or the youth already in your roster that will have the most impact in terms of attendance and improvement of your findings?

After the remarkable impact that has had Miles Sanders, rb rookie last season, after this draft I have great expectations on the two players: Jalen Reagor, receiver young woman who must play a role in that last season we had significant problems, and another rookie in whom I trust, K von Wallace, a safety from Clemson that must seek to replace Malcolm Jenkins.

Analyzing your roster which are the points of strength and points of weakness? Although it is very early to be getting carried away, can you give us a forecast of record, and placement for the next year?

I have to say that in this draft, and the acquisition of Coleman, Slay and Parks the roster, it seems to me to be quite full, hoping this year will be lucky in the aspect of accidents.

That said, for next season I am confident, even if we have a calendar difficult (I don't know if this is good that I am confident because last year I had predicted a 13-3 and say that this is not exactly so well)




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