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Published on May 10, 2020


Welcome to this book that we have dusted off to give space to the fans of the chat Telegram of the Huddle Magazine. We have chosen to interview real fans of some teams in the NFL, regardless of their level of competence, taking into account only their passion.

We are interested in a different point of view from one of the many analysts of the game, we want the perspective of a fan who suffers from any given Sunday for his team. All we can do is start with today's guest: Simone Becchimanzi, a fan of the New York Jets.

Carlo & Giorgio: Welcome! Break the ice by introducing you to our readers and telling us a little about yourself in general, how to follow the football and, above all, how did you become a fan of your favorite team.

Simone : Hi everyone Simone Becchimanzi I am 23 years old, are of Teramo(Abruzzo, italy), graduated in medical Biotechnology and I follow american Football, in an intensive manner after the Super Bowl XLIX between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots won, precisely, from the latter, and in virtue of this victory was born of the hatred towards them; I became a fan of the New York Jets, a few years later, at the Super Bowl to THEM, when it was the largest comeback on a football field, by the New England Patriots with the Atlanta Falcons.

Initially simpatizzavo for the Jacksonville Jaguars, but after this match I have decided to take sides in favor of the Jets being, in fact, the rivals of the Patriots.

How do you evaluate the Free Agency? Were you satisfied with the work of the Front Office, or would you have preferred to of the different moves?

Regarding free agency, there have been the worst years, of course, the biggest loss was that of the WR Robby Anderson, who was unfortunately not possible to re-after some of the moves are greatly impacting, made last year; but I have signed Jack Conklin RT who went to the Cleveland Browns, and I have some doubts on the left side of the OL with the contract extension of G Alex Lewis, who comes from a season that are not exactly positive and signing up for 3 years of George Fant, LT, coming from the Seahawks that leaves some doubt.

He recently completed the draft's most amazing story for its progress, this virtual mode is successful, the same to yourself? In terms of choices instead, which teams do you think moves better and which worse?

The draft of this year for me was very exciting, I managed to follow him all three days, the mode was very unpredictable, you never knew what could happen, but they did a good job (even Goodell in spite of having exchanged names and roles). With regard to the choices definitely the nfl Draft the worst, in my opinion, they did the Green bay Packers, who have made a draft in view of the future by choosing a QB young without upgrading the current one, the Philadelphia Eagles not because of the choices, however, are intriguing. As far as who is moved by the best, well certainly the Baltimore Ravens, they made a great draft, despite the need were not many, then the Cleveland Browns have chosen very well, scoring some steal, the Cincinnati Bengals also, despite avesseo many need to be filled and then I also put the Tennessee Titans that although they had a few choices have filled, almost all i need that were on the roster.

Coming to the pick made by your team, you can give us your own assessment of your calls? There are choices that would have done it differently if I was the GM?

The choices made by the team seem to me to be good enough (if not more logical) on all the Denzel Mims (WR from Baylor University) to the 59 which I think is absolutely a steal, I am not convinced so much the choice of Zuniga DE from Florida, I hope not to relive what happened with Jachai Poilte, chosen last year in the same role and the same university and the same round and is not going to end well.

Who do you think will be the rookie of the ones you selected, and/or the youth already in your roster that will have the most impact in terms of attendance and improvement of your findings?

I believe that the young man who will have the most impact will be Denzel Mims, certainly the choice which is currently the most important made since the department was really bad, and then of space we will have in abundance, and I also hope that the 2 CB [Bryce Hall and Lamar Jackson (namesake)] of which the first draft had expenses nice words, make it good, because that department last year had put it badly.

Analyzing your roster which are the points of strength and points of weakness? Although it is very early to be getting carried away, can you give us a forecast of record, and placement for the next year?

Our roster is young, which may need to be developed, we have a QB that has good potential on paper to be one of the RB the best in the league, do forecasting is obviously very tough at the moment, wouldn't surprise me much if we went to the PO, because in the AFC there are the teams really strong, these are definitely the Buffalo Bills are in our division and that is reinforced and not just a little). With regard to the placement, this year we find ourselves in a division is open, after so many years of the domination of the New England Patriots; this year, at least we can play, then as I said before, we must have patience, especially after this draft, that bodes well.

Thank you for the time you have granted us and for the depth that you given us on your favorite team, I recommend you continue in the chat to give us insights from those who see things from the point of view of the insider.

Thanks for giving me this space and see you at the next.

Interview by Giorgio Prunotto and Carlo Giustozzi




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