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Published on May 05, 2020


Welcome to this book that we have dusted off to give space to the fans of the chat Telegram of the Huddle Magazine. We have chosen to interview real fans of some teams in the NFL, regardless of their level of competence, taking into account only their passion.

We are interested in a different point of view from one of the many analysts of the game, we want the perspective of a fan who suffers from any given Sunday for his team. All we can do is start with today's guest: Luca Giubertoni, a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Carlo & Giorgio: Welcome! Break the ice by introducing you to our readers and telling us a little about yourself in general, how to follow the football and, above all, how did you become a fan of your favorite team.

Luke: my name is Luca Giubertoni, I am 22 years old and I live in a small village in the province of Mantua. I follow football from about 2 years, the last definitely with greater frequency. I started to cheer for the Kansas City Chiefs immediately after seeing their first game during the season 2018, while appreciating a lot of the offensive game based on throws deep and quick actions.

How do you evaluate the Free Agency? Were you satisfied with the work of the Front Office, or would you have preferred to of the different moves?

Personally, having won the Super Bowl, I would have tried to keep most of the players of the past season. The Free Agency has been fairly quiet, leaving go of some (none of which, according to me, “essential” for the team) and signing of the necessary to maintain in the meantime, the group is already present.

He recently completed the draft's most amazing story for its progress, this virtual mode is successful, the same to yourself? In terms of choices instead, which teams do you think moves better and which worse?

I was very taken by the Draft for two main reasons: either because players have been seen the same interact by phone with their families (it was something different, with more detachment, but all the same interesting), and because it was the first Draft that I followed with high interest, given the quality of prospects (the most high, according to my point of view, last year).

Coming to the pick made by your team, you can give us your own assessment of your calls? There are choices that would have done it differently if I was the GM?

The choices of the Chiefs, were above all, and I think rightly, concentrated on the side of the defensive (4 against 2, 6 total); no big name, truly not knowing I imbalance in the assessments. The positive fact of having taken at least one for the role. The only different choice that I would have done would have been to choose a player of the line that is offensive instead of a defensive, but almost surely this need will be filled by signing some of the players undrafted.

Who do you think will be the rookie of the ones you selected, and/or the youth already in your roster that will have the most impact in terms of attendance and improvement of your findings?

According to me there are two young men that will have much impact: Juan Thornhill, draftato the last year, has had a good season (injury right on the most beautiful, jumping the final stage of the season); it should largely recover by the start of the regular season, and are convinced that it will grow even more than last year, taking the reins of the backfield with Mathieu. The second is Edward Helaire, RB, first choice of this year in the draft, since this year has convinced me very much of racing game, this young man could give you both the necessary vitality that leaps right, even coming from a university that has done very well.

Analyzing your roster which are the points of strength and points of weakness? Although it is very early to be getting carried away, can you give us a forecast of record, and placement for the next year?

Strengths of the Chiefs are certainly the attack based on the steps (the contribution of Mahomes, Hill, and Kelce), and the defence in toto, of the second part of the season, quite dominant; points of weakness always the defense, which during the first part of the season has made considerably effort, especially in the stem the racing game opponent, and the game of racing, as said above; it is essential to keep “constant” the quality defensive if you want to aim high this year. Records for the next year, being optimistic about the side's defensive, I'd say that 12-4 is more than feasible; placement I would say the playoffs, sure, with the hope of returning to the Superbowl saw what the attack is successful to show.

Thank you for the time you have granted us and for the depth that you given us on your favorite team, I recommend you continue in the chat to give us insights from those who see things from the point of view of the insider.

Interview by Giorgio Prunotto and Carlo Giustozzi




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