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Published on May 06, 2020


Welcome to this book that we have dusted off to give space to the fans of the chat Telegram of the Huddle Magazine. We have chosen to interview real fans of some teams in the NFL, regardless of their level of competence, taking into account only their passion.

We are interested in a different point of view from one of the many analysts of the game, we want the perspective of a fan who suffers from any given Sunday for his team. All we can do is start with today's guest: Francesco Castellani, a fan of the Houston Texans.

Carlo & Giorgio: Welcome! Break the ice by introducing you to our readers and telling us a little about yourself in general, how to follow the football and, above all, how did you become a fan of your favorite team.

Francis: Hello guys, my name is Francesco, I am 26 years old and I live in Prato, in Tuscany. I'm finishing the university studies in history and pay the fees work as a cook in a company of street food.
The passion for football was established in 2009, seeing the videos of the matches of those super athletes with helmets and armor do crazy things. Only from 2017, however, I decided to deepen my knowledge in this sport, seeing the video of my favorite player that is J. J. Watt.
I was so surprised thinking: “ Many things have I missed in these years. If only I had started before to follow him more closely...”. Fortunately, there is a wonderful medium called the internet that has allowed me to recover many of his plays, and, more in general, the games incredible. For this reason, I have decided to support the Texans, but also because they represent a state that is associated with another great passion of mine, which is the legendary “wild West”.

How do you evaluate the Free Agency? Were you satisfied with the work of the Front Office, or would you have preferred to of the different moves?

According to me, our free agency was in bankruptcy in all its aspects and he confirmed my idea that the head coach and the GM must be two distinct persons. Some must collaborate and communicate for the good of the team, but each with their own roles and duties.

The trade of Hopkins has left me with dismay, both because you lack of one of the top 3 receivers in the league, but especially for what you got in exchange, or a running back injury proned as David Johnson and we know the situation at this time in the league of the running back. In the same trade you have sold a choice in the 4th round in exchange for a 2° and 4°, but the 2021 and we'll see what fruits will give. With a choice on the 2nd round we went to take Cooks from the Rams, a good player but he also brings a contract heavy. In addition to this, we have lost the nose tackle D. J. Reader, although not a star player, his work has always been completed in a dignified manner. Here also disputes the economic? I could not answer truthfully. The arrival of Randall Cobb from Dallas as well as the safety from the Giants Michael Thomas leave me somewhat puzzled. To finish I had hoped for a more aggressive approach to be able to bring to our court a man of the line offensive, but even in this case O'brien has not considered there was any need to invest money in spite of the situation is the same for a long time.

He recently completed the draft's most amazing story for its progress, this virtual mode is successful, the same to yourself? In terms of choices instead, which teams do you think moves better and which worse?

Personally I think you both did the maximum to make it exciting this draft, taking into account the dramatic situation in which we find ourselves. I liked it because the draft must arise that sense of excitement and curiosity and not so much a sparkling spectacle, but perhaps this is not the thinking of americans, who like, know, things done in a big way.

Rejected without appeal Goodell especially for his intolerance towards the end of the 3rd round; things are well up in the bottom or do you make your own. I think that so many teams are good moves this year and it is difficult to find a winner. Bengals, Ravens, Jaguars, Vikings were the best in my opinion because they have filled their need, and have done so with very good players. The worst were, without a doubt, the Packers, who actually left Aaron Rodgers without weapons to be able to point at least with the play-off and not happy with the have chosen on the 1st round for a backup qb that will undermine its relations with the management and the coach, and we know how it can be sharp the language of the guy of Chico.

Coming to the pick made by your team, you can give us your own assessment of your calls? There are choices that would have done it differently if I was the GM?

Us Texans, we have moved in the right way, personally I would give it a B as a vote. Blacklock is a DT that will replace D. J. Reader, and judging from the few movies that I've seen seems promising. To the 40, but I'd bet on Fulton, the corner back from LSU having regard to the value of the guy, and our absolute need to strengthen the department. the CB arrived, however, at 141, with John Reid, the player undersize but evaluated very well by the specialized sites. Greenard, edge from Florida, should take the place of Clowney missed last year. Great shot, instead, Coulter, WR from Rhode Island, that will be an excellent weapon on the deep disposal of Watson, given the continuing deteriorating Fuller. Finally, do not come on Heck, offensive tackle from North Carolina, given that the 126 you could choose something better in the same position, for example, Clark went to the Jets or Adeniji of the Bengals. Instead of a tackle I would have liked the choice of a guard.

Who do you think will be the rookie of the ones you selected, and/or the youth already in your roster that will have the most impact in terms of attendance and improvement of your findings?

I think that all rookies will have the opportunity to play with different snap, especially, however, the boys in defence. It must be said that in view of the difficulties at this time to be able to train together and showcase their potential will be more difficult to have space from the outset. I'm very curious to see the work of Greenard, I think it could be him, the player revelation of the year. Of the guys already on the roster I want to see Tytus Howard prove to be worth the first round last year, we need an improvement in the position of right tackle. Even Reid, I believe that will have many appearances since our secondary is not the world and as if that wasn't enough, we've lost Jonathan Joseph, a boy of 35 years who was our CB number 1 last year and I said it all...

Analyzing your roster which are the points of strength and points of weakness? Although it is very early to be getting carried away, can you give us a forecast of record, and placement for the next year?

Personally, the one that lies before us I do not think it will be a good year for several reasons. First of all the opponents divisional strengthened, we will have to think about the renewal of Watson, always admitted that they want to renew, and finally the arrival of many new players and a new defensive coordinator, although the latter will certainly be better than Crennel. Watt will always be the captain of the boat, but we can not think that can bring us to the super bowl data also its many injuries unfortunately. Have rifirmato Tunsil to those figures for me, it is a move dictated by the fact that after having spent a first choice for him, he could not do otherwise, even if I think that there is better as a left tackle, Smith, and Bakhtiari on all. Anyway I think and I hope that this will be the last season of O'brien as a head coach because, by now, has proven to be inadequate as a coach and even more as a GM. At the end I think that our record will be 8-8, and alas we don't manage to get to the playoffs, but I sincerely hope to be proven wrong.

Thank you for the time you have granted us and for the depth that you given us on your favorite team, I recommend you continue in the chat to give us insights from those who see things from the point of view of the insider.

Interview by Giorgio Prunotto and Carlo Giustozzi




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