Wonder Woman: the plans for the third and final film


Published on Jan 25, 2019


After the success of the first film, all the fans are eagerly awaiting Wonder Woman 1984; and in a recent interview with Vanity Fair, director Patty Jenkins has started talking about plans for the third film in the saga, that would also be the last.

“I have already in mind the picture of Wonder Woman # 3, which I direct, or at least I am already well clear as my story arc of the character should come to an end. I am very excited about this,”

Previously,to AM to DM to Buzzfeed, the Jenkins has spoken of the return of Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984, explaining how the idea came about already during the production of the first film, and that the return of the character, it will be consistent and of significant importance for the film.

“It will be interesting to see how he will come back, is a thing I thought from the first film, was not a choice dictated by the popularity of the character or the success of the first Wonder Woman. His return will have meaning and will be very important to the story. This is all that I can tell you,” the words of the director, which then continues talking about the setting in the ’80s.

“The nice thing about the film is that this certain period of history will be analyzed from a different perspective, there are so many elements to analyze: I lived as a child, and in addition to clothes and embarrassing that no one would be more produced art and music level almost unreachable. I really felt that the ’80s were the best that the human race had to offer, the pinnacle of humanity, where you could do everything without thinking of the consequences. In our film, there are the stereotypes for these years, but a version ambitious of everything that the ’80s have brought”.

“The thing that I love the most of Wonder Woman is that it represents more than all the other heroes of the people, we are all Wonder Woman. I don't want to do the sequel just because the first movie has grossed a lot of money, or make a simple copy of the first. I love these characters, my thought was always how to make a film unique and exciting as the first, it evokes what has passed the previous one, but remains a film new and independent” the previous words of Patty Jenkins at Comic-con 2018.

In addition to the return of Pine, in the movie we will see the debut of the Cheetah Kristen Wiig; According to what reported by a member of Vulture, a character which refers to the version created by Len Wein and George Perez in 1987, Kristen Wiig will initially be a friend of Diana and, more than a nemesis of the amazonian princess will be a emulatrice that he will surpass his idol. It may also be present in the jet invisible. The plot of the movie is expected to turn around the world of a dystopian created by the mass media in a social context like that of the ’80s.

Pedro Pascal (Narcos, Game of Thrones) should instead interpret Maxwell Lord, an interpretation, however, is much more free compared to the canon of the comics (should not have psychic powers).

For those who are not an avid devourer of comic books, Lord is a classic enemy of the Justice League able to manipulate the minds of the people, averse to superheroes such as Wonder Woman or Superman, who he considers the greatest threats to mankind. Over the years, he gathered data on them and also assisting in a Brother's Eye (created by Batman), the system is able to control any computer network in the world. Given the topics of dystopia and the temptation to mass-media, Lord would be the ideal person to appear in the film, even with a loose interpretation (of course made even more depending on the texture of the film).

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