Women of comics: 5 stories by women not to be missed!

Published on Mar 08, 2018

The woman, this being wonderfully mythological celebrates today its the day for excellence, the eight of march.

Although many women do not like to commemorate or remind themselves of their femininity in this special day, waving the motto according to which women should be celebrated every day, we Super Quark... ehm, Just Nerds, we decided to do it anyway and, of course, in our own way.

Many are the stories that see women as protagonists, from cinema, to TV series to the great classics of literature of all time.

The archetypes touched by all of these art forms identify the woman as a being with a thousand facets, of the human soul, but amplified by the sweetness and the obstinacy.

To say who is a woman is impossible, but there are many women and many need to be more stories that involve, for pleasure, or for the complaint, but always with the awareness that you always have something great to say.

Sifting in our library, we have rescued five titles grand that celebrate the women of comic books, and to be unique, supereroine of daily adventures, the coordinators of space missions to the interior of the riddles of mental and, of course, and directors of movies that exist only in their heads.

The first title that comes to mind when thinking of the women in comics is, probably, the Blue is a Warm Color.

Revelation in the graphic novel, has been transposed on the big screen with the film the Life of Adele.

This great literary work that delves into the fears of a woman, Clémentine, and that takes awareness of his nature, of his being a homosexual.

A woman who is afraid, who is frail but is able through self-awareness to self-exaltation in love “conditioned” to Emma, the girl with blue hair.

A story that is the proclamation of an act of conscious courage, a Sentimental Education of flaubertiana memory. Graphic novel is a must have in the library.

What you're going to tell you is a balloon only, the absurd and the sublime.

Let's talk about ODY-C, published in Italy by saldaPress, is the transposition in key women and Sci-Fi of the Odyssey of Homer.

We are on a spaceship to the conquest of the cosmos. The crew, from the hubs to the general, is composed of only women, strong and vigorous. Women warriors who fight to defend their supremacy.

A graphic novel from the language amazing: past and super modernity combine in a unique product and, of course, epic.

Born from the genius of Matt Fraction (text) and Christian Ward (drawings) for Image Comics is really a work so ambitious as a particular. Highly recommended reading, even for those not accustomed to the genre of science fiction.

Another title that we offer is always part of that strand of literature which is, fortunately, also entertainment of the highest quality. We speak de The Right Mezura.

The work signed by Flavia Biondi, delicate artist that is a story common to many of us: thirty-adrift, without a job that might identify them to passengers. The protagonists of the story are Manuel and Mia, a pair of unhappy.

The graphic novel tells a story of love, universal, and many of us perhaps have lived. A love thwarted not from the feeling itself but from the life itself that makes the protagonists miserable.

The author, Flavia Blond gently touches these issues and gives us a portrait of Mine who is outside of any expectation. A wonderful surprise, a book so deep resins enchanted.

Another comic not to be missed is signed by the winner at Lucca Comics & Games prize Gran Guinigi Sara Colaone, by Francesco Satta and Luca De Santis and his title Leda. That only love and light to the border, published by Coconino Press.

The story is that Leda Rafanelli, a history of the twentieth-century, and almost liberty that runs through all the most important moments of a time of crisis and wonder.

Leda is an anarchist, a muslim, is a writer but is also a lover of love. Seduce Him and Mussolini, you will launch into the arms of history as a protagonist, irregular and unsatisfied with the continuous search of its own essence, something that defines it. But you can't define already that has no boundaries.

A graphic novel is superb and delicate, there are no other words to describe it.

Last but not least, among the must-haves that enhance the women of the comic books, we talk about the Violeta, a beautiful graphic novel published by Bao Publishing.

Also this time we have the story of inner and forward-looking of a woman artist.

Those proposed by us, are women weak, strong, artists, and ordinary women. Violeta, however, is anything but common: a musician with a delicate, poet, artist full.

The comic is signed by Virginia Tonfoni and Alessio Spataro that give us a dreamy, almost lyrical, and music, punctuated by a rhythm that only folk music can give and the boosting of archetypes and figures of the mothers.

The works we have quoted, do not want to be all-encompassing and does not exclude other comics devoted to women. We have only been digging around in our library and this is what came out.

Of course, but we could not make a special mention to the manga (actually the manga) female par excellence! Are you wondering what it might be?

You do not yet have an answer to this strange and inconvenient question? We could not rivelarvelo, but we're good.

We are talking about the giustiziera dressing to the marinara, the blonde heroine is the moon: a Sailor Moon, and with her, all the other sailor moon and thank you for having made grow with the awareness that the odango just do not we can afford it.


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