Wolverine: Marvel reveals thanks to those who came back to life


Published on Jan 20, 2019



Wolverine is back to full title in the Marvel comics, and now that the Return Of Wolverine is almost over, it seems that fans will learn, finally, how was the resurrection.

After the revelation in the Hunt For Wolverine, that Logan, the original had really returned from the dead, the return of Wolverine has left fans with more questions than answers. Wolvie is back, a new dress, a new power in his talons and has no memories. The superhero is also in the run for trying to figure out how it's been raised from the dead and who is really Persephone – questions, which is (it seems) finally given a response.

In the Return of Wolverine #4 Wolverine and is told what the plans are and the powers of Persephone. Unlike many other super-villains, Persephone is not interested in seizing power; instead, it aims to create the global peace... by killing them all and bringing them back to life under the control of the mutant.

In the last comic, it is confirmed that Persephone is actually a mutant with the ability to bring people back from the dead. She explains that she has the ability to do it in three ways: she can create monsters in the style of the zombies, beings that follow simple orders, or you can create people that seem so real to fool anyone (Logan included). His plan is ambiguous is to create “perfection” kill everyone, then bring them back to life as creatures who run the world without the crime, dirt and danger that the real human create. The only good part of the human life? The time in which people dream.

Of course it also has plans for Wolverine himself, and ends by inviting Logan to meet face-to-face and listen to the rest of his plan... including how it was his return from death.

The hypothesis, of course, is that the mutant has used in any way its powers to resurrect Wolverine as the other inhabitants of his city, but this leaves a lot of other unanswered questions. The first is how Logan was returned to life without becoming a zombie. There is also the question of how Persephone knew where it was in the body of Wolverine, and why he wanted to use it. Given the sad speech about the fact that death is his only friend, could it be that Persephone had originally intended to bring Logan to life and use it as a fighter, zombies. But, when his healing factor reacted differently to his powers, is perhaps the become fascinated.

Perhaps he hunted down specifically because he believed that his healing factor would mean that it could be rolled back completely – or maybe even to experiment with that healing factor to revive others with their personality intact. Or, of course, it might be possible that all this is misleading, and that Persephone and his powers of resurrection have nothing to do with the return of Wolverine... but it seems unlikely...

Return Of Wolverine #4 is already available.

Wolverine: Marvel reveals thanks to those who came back to life is




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