Wolverine: Lemire and Deodato Jr. are the new creative team?


Published on Aug 29, 2018


Although the mini-series Return of Wolverine has not been collecting the success of criticism and public expectations, Marvel continues to push for the return of one of his most iconic of recent years.

Without doubt, at the end of the above-mentioned mini-series, Wolverine will have a new regular series which, currently, has not been a creative team. However, a few hours, Jeff Lemire, seen most recently in the work on the Sentry, he tweeted a message that is very appetizing and tagging the designer of the brazilian Mike Deodato Jr.:

Here's a secret: I have been working on a new book with @mikedeodato for the last year and he just sent me to page #100!

— Jeff Lemire (@JeffLemire) August 29, 2018

“I'll tell you a secret: I'm working on a new series with Mike Deodato for a year and just sent me to page 100”.

It is legitimate to then expect the pair Lemire/Deodato Jr. on Wolverine? The signs would indicate yes, although readers who are more avid for the House of Ideas could not accept with too favor the return of the canadian author on the mutants not having particularly excelled in his management of the X-Men nor on that of Old Man Logan, the head that has struggled a lot before finding his niche among the fans.

Always then finally finished was Charles Soule, who had killed and now brought to life the character.

We're waiting for official confirmation!


Wolverine: Lemire and Deodato Jr. are the new creative team? is




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