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Published on Oct 13, 2017


You find yourself inside an abyss of darkness, from the early cartoons of this one-shot posted on the Wilder, the newly formed independent label of webcomics. A darkness in which there shines the light of the protagonist, a girl without a name and without happiness, dropped in a universe without light.

It is precisely this light that there is tells Silvia Vanni, using intense colours that create levels of reading different from one another, telling stories upon stories in each vignette. The colour of the body stand on the environment, as well as some details of the skin stand out on the rest of the body. It's all like a dream to bright colors and never intrusive, where in a single narrative thread main weave of other narrative threads, so the Vanni manages to create a zone of dream-like on “paper and digital” and take full advantage of all the usable space.

Without the Light tells of a young man without a name and, as it is understood in the course of reading, without life. The young is also without a goal, until it provides a boy at the beginning of the narrative.

The space-time jumps from vignette to vignette perfectly describe the dimension of the dream: there is no need to wonder why or ask questions. In the dream, everything has a reason, an explanation. The one-shot is an evolution of the dream-like dimension of Alice in wonderland: Alice is too many questions, while the ethereal protagonist of No Light no. It is, thus, to be more similar to the dreams that we do habitually, formed by a narrative, at times disjointed and at times plausible.

With a linear and a fairy tale, the protagonist travels between worlds strangely linked together in a holistic way and linear at the same time. The size of the dream spreads far and wide, catapulting the reader within the narrative and making it part of a universe where everything is possible. On the contrary, in real life, the colors become more cold, more defined and less soft. The real characters are more compounds and “straight”, while remaining simple spectators of what happens to the protagonist in the real world. They help us to explain the broad lines of what happened to the protagonist, building of the anchor points to which the player leans to avoid falling completely into the world of the dream.

The vertical structure of the narrative allows you to fall into a pit of feelings and sensations by increasing the curiosity until the sudden end. The pace is initially slow, and suddenly looming up to the point where the reader is scrolling: the story is over.

Without Light we read and re-read it in a few minutes, and in multiple directions. You can read it from the beginning to the end, or vice versa or even starting from the middle. The only flaw is the lack of explanation of how the protagonist got to that point. The ending, however, is surprising and unexpected, a small blow to the heart that leaves it open to a thousand interpretations, all different.

Can read Without the Light of Silvia Vanni, FREE of charge, on the page Wilder to this address.

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