With the new season of The secret risk-flop for the Afternoon 5?


Published on Apr 14, 2020


In the afternoon, Channel 5 has need of reinforcements. A week before seeing the wave of new episodes of Men and Women can be considered as the resistance. Withstand, without sinking, as it happened in the afternoon of Easter Monday when £ 1 has recorded ratings higher than those of Canae 5.

And there is also another big question that weighs like a boulder: The secret. Afternoon 5 has lost the tow of the day time of Friends, the GF VIP, Men and Women, but may soon lose even that de The secret. The new episodes, which have seen the departure of virtually almost all the historical characters in the soap are not liked in Spain. And maybe going to like even less in Italy. The drop in dangerous of plays in the soap Channel 5 will have repercussions on the Afternoon of 5?

Let's start with the numbers of Rai 1 in the day of Easter Monday. Journal of the House 2.206.000 viewers (10.8% share); Techetechetè to the place de La vita in diretta " is 1.858.000 viewers (10%); the Paradise of The Lord 2.410.000 viewers (14.1%). Live Life 2.432.000 viewers with 13.2% (presentation 1.836.000 – 10.9%).

Let us instead to the numbers of Mediaset.

On Canale5 Beautiful 2.776.000 viewers (13.2%), A Life 2.462.000 viewers with 12.4% share, while Inga Lindstrom – Enchantment of Love 10.5% with 1.876.000 spectators. The Secret to 12.9% with 2.156.000 spectators. We note that yesterday, mid-episode, there was still the discovery of the vicissitudes of the historical protagonists of the soap Spanish while only in the second half, with the jump in time, we moved to the 1930's, knowing the new families that will become the protagonists of the soap.

Afternoon Five leads to 11.1%, with 1.940.000 spectators in the first part, 11% with 2.141.000 spectators in the second ( not available at the time the data of the third short-term).

In the next few days we will understand if the soap will continue to please the public, or if, as has already happened in Spain, the soap still lose ratings. Please note that in any case there are a few episodes because El secreto de Puente Viejo has closed its doors because of the audience very low.

Now the question arises: the drop in viewers of The secret will have repercussions for the Afternoon 5? Already yesterday in the program by Barbara d'urso is back to lose the fight with Rai 1. What will happen if the towing of the soap Spanish there will be no more? It is not a coincidence that Mediaset has decided to televise the Men and Women, albeit in the “format” is different from the usual. Serves as the lifeblood for the afternoon, Channel 5 and only Maria de Filippi can do the miracle. We will see what will happen...

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