With Men and Women you are flying: listening to the 25% market share thanks to the parade from 50 shades


Published on Oct 24, 2019


Men and Women continues to be a certainty. With the arrival of the month of October, listen to sparkle even more of the past few weeks. Yesterday we told you about a new record ratings collected from the program of Maria de Filippi that with the bet of Tuesday had passed the 3 million spectators. Amazing double victory for Maria: the episode of the Men and Women of 23 October 2019 goes even better and exceeds 3 million spectators, with a 25% share. The throne over is a certainty, and the audience at home gets hooked on the stories of the protagonists who do their best, this should be said, not to go unnoticed.

Take, for example, the hot topic of an episode of the Men and Women of the past. If, in fact, the show was opened with the sweet story of Edo and Chiara, who after having known in the program of Channel 5 have decided to get married, then “the best” is arrived with the fashion show. The theme chosen for the ladies: pajama party. Sin, however, that none of them, at least from what we have seen, it came into the mind of the runway with the real pyjamas to wear all day in the home, but should have pulled out the heavy artillery reenacting even Mr Grey and Anastasia...

The one that we saw yesterday in the study of Men and Women was a show from the 50 shades: from red to black, including gray. We have views of the beautiful. By Gemma Galgani, who has marched with the holding stockings Valentina, who wore a volgarissimo outfit black. Not to mention Pamela, which will surely have a physicality is important but could not be avoided that complement them. And not because, as he said Enzo would have had to respect him but simply because he would have to respect her: it's a game, all true, but they are always three in the afternoon. And that then was also embarrassed, it was obvious to all. Less is more is a mantra that in the study of Channel 5 should be written in capital letters.

But in the end it is also good as well. On social, in fact, started the frenzy during the fashion show, also because of another delusion, that of Enzo, which has asked Pamela to cover himself , seeing that he is the “grants” to dress a certain way only in a few's true, too.

Men and Women has been followed by the 3,000,000 viewers with the 25% (Men and Women – the Final 2761.000 equal to 26.8%)

Voiced virtually the competition with Come to me that you stopped an average of 1.5 million viewers, and should not be more than 11.9% of the share.

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