Wind offers up to 4GB of internet traffic per month to those who download the application Veon on iPhone and Android


Published on Mar 17, 2017


Wind Telecomunicazioni S. p.a a.


Veon is the application made by Wind, which looks very similar to Whatsapp as it allows you to chat with friends, make calls, exchange photos, videos, voice notes, and anything else, totally free of charge. It is also cross platform, available on both iOS and Android and is usable by all.

Even if usable by all, only users from the Wind, will get excellent benefits using this application.

In the first place, those who will download and activate Veon before 26 March, will immediately receive 1GB of internet traffic for free, to use in a totally free manner without any expiration.

Until May 31, also, all the traffic carried out inside the application Veon (calls, exchange photos, etc) will not be deducted from the own internet offer.

As if that weren't enough, every day until 31 May, by making the access to the application Veon, you will receive 100 MB of internet data traffic for use by the end of the day. In a month you can then get up to 3GB of internet traffic, in addition to those of the plan, which become 4GB, if we calculate also the welcome bonus initial.

Last chance, completely optional, is to register your credit card on Veon, obtaining a discount of 10% on the cost of their regular supply of Wind.

Veon is very convenient to quickly view the profile, the consumption, the remaining credit and the thresholds for entry or internet, through a dedicated Tab.

In short, if you are a user of Wind, there is no reason not to download and Veon by 26 March, so getting up to 4GB of traffic, free internet and other benefits. Also to users of other operators can download and use Veon without problems, as a supplement to Whatsapp to chat with friends, Wind. Veon you download from here.




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