William furious with his mother Lady Diana, the revelation chock: ‘you will Not forgive never...’

Published on Nov 03, 2018

Emerge information striking concerning William and the late mother

In the last hours have emerged of the information glaring, which concern the Prince William and Lady Diana. The son of Carlo would have made a phone call furious against the mother. A call made by the boy, in the course of which he said that he never would have forgiven the woman that put her in the world.

Of the statements revealed after a long interview recorded in 1995 which saw as protagonist the late Diana Spencer. On that occasion, the latter was interviewed by Martin Bashir of Panorama Bbc’. The wife of Charles said without fear, that in his marriage there were three people. Of course, referring to the report of the duke of Cornwall with Camilla Parker Bowles.

But the interview with Lady Diana, at least what is quoted in the documentary Amazon Prime ‘William and Harry: Brothers in Arms’, did not let the young man indifferent. Indeed, the future King of England very angry. For this reason, the brother of Harry and called his mother and told her of the words, angrily. The journalist, moreover, has also recalled the conversation with a dear friend of Lady D, or Simone Simmons.

“I said that was the only time when William was angry with the mother, saying that she would never have forgiven Diana for what she had done”.

After a few years, however, Prince William has understood why his mother had made those declarations, glaring. In the BBC documentary the Spencer stated this:

“I can understand, sometimes I have been in those situations. You feel incredibly desperate and it is very unfair that they are called things that are not truthful. The easiest thing to do is just have your say directly to the media.”

After two years from that interview Lady Diana lost her life during a serious car accident in Paris.

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